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Name Nadira Sana Karim Aliases Sana Al Aziz
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Hydrokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. Egyptian
Birthdate June 10th, 1984 Age 26
Height 5'10" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Bartender at Tartarus
Parents Leila Karim (mother)
Basir Karim (father)
Siblings Nadal Karim
Marital Status Single Children Owain Griffin Mihangle (stepson)
Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle II
First Seen I'll Take The World With Me Last Seen N/A
Profile Having traveled to New York from Egypt, Nadira is the image of exotic—tall, dark, and mysterious. With sharp bartending skills, she's an enigma who can floor one with both her words and her drinks. Unfortunately for her, there's a reason why she left Egypt in such a hurry.
Nadira Karim
portrayed by

Ayten Amer



Those few, the ones who can be trusted with secrets…

Griffin - (The Gentleman) - A widower, Griffin's got a bit of a tragic past and he opened up about it to Nadira. He got her out of a mess of a situation at Tartarus and was a perfect gentleman, even serenading her with his music. While there's no indication to her (or really probably to him) what it is between them or where they'll go, they play at fondness for each other and skim the surface of feelings. It's sweet, tentative, and casual. Nadira's in no rush, but there could be potential…
Reynold - (The Old Man) - Gidd, which means 'Old Man', is the man who originally got Nadira into bartending. He took the young woman under his wing, taught her the trade, and let her work alongside him. He found out she was Evolved at the same time as her those who ended up betraying her later. He's a trusted friend, a mentor, a father-figure, and someone she knows will look out for her. She's never called him by his real name, but simply calls him Gidd, while he calls her Ayill (Young One).
Nadal - (The Brother) - There's a fierce love between these siblings. They were close, growing up, but Nadira was more fond of western ideas than her brother and Nadal remained more traditional. While she loves him dearly, his overprotective nature and misogynistic tendencies make her feel like she can never step out and prove herself as an independent woman to him. He is one of the few things that will easily fuel Nadira's anger.

2010 Timeline

8/01 Evening Pantyhose Can Be A Useful Thing Jaiden saves the day when Nadira and Evan have car troubles. Nadira, Evan, and Jaiden
8/02 Early Morning Dancing Around the Truth Nadira and Evan decide to feel things out between them. Nadira and Evan
8/05 Evening Not Going Home Nadira's brother shows up and throws more than a simple wrench in all her plans. Nadira and Nadal
8/06 Evening Unreasonable Expectations Nadira and Evan discuss expectations. Chase finds some thrust on him. Nadira, Evan, and Chase
8/10 Morning A Very Merry Unbirthday Stopping into Raquelle's salon, Nadi finds birthday celebrations. Nadira, Abby, Odessa, Quinn, and Raquelle
8/14 Evening Mad Tea Party Nadira finds herself flung into the mess that is Nadal meeting Evan. Nadira, Evan, Nadal, and Mika
8/16 Evening Never Just A Beer Nadira meets Prince and finds herself being more honest than expected. Nadira and Prince
8/18 Evening Cause I'm A Creep Nadira is privy to a strange creeper's actions in the street near Tartarus. Nadira, Huruma, and Finney
8/19 Evening Buy A Date Nadira participates in Tartarus' date auction. Nadira, Amadeus, Aric, Cardinal, Kendall, Linus, Lola, Melissa, Nadia, Peyton, Quinn, Rain and Raquelle


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