Nalani Hollingwood

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Name Nalani Hollingwood Aliases
Status Registered Evolved Ability Registered as Empathy (Persuasion)
Gender Female Race/Eth. Middle Eastern
Birthdate September 12, 1974 Age 34
Height 5'9" Build Curvy
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence Unknown
Employment Pause Magazine, Editor in Chief
Parents Siblings Rami Hollingwood
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Like Brother Like Sister Last Seen Find Someone
Profile Nalani Amal Hollingwood. A woman with a past undefined, and a present that is unstable. Sitting on ability that can shatter her business and her life, and the elephant in the room between brother and sister.
Nalani Hollingwood
portrayed by

Padma Lakshmi



Date Title Details
5th Silence, Is Golden In which Gerald learns the niceties of not pissing off and insulting the evolved who holds the power of persuasion.


.: She ain't pretty (She just looks that way) - Northen Pikes :.

I had two jobs, I had dishwater hands
And on the weekend in a rock & roll band
One Friday night in my hometown bar
In walked a girl who looked like a movie star
She stared at me and it was turning me on
She said she worked in a beauty salon
I heard a voice inside me say
She ain't pretty she just looks that way

We made a date to go for a drink
I wore my jeans and she wore a mink
There was this misconception all over town
That she ate lonely guy heart by the pound
She said "Take me home, there won't be no fuss"
I said "Sure you got some change for the bus"
Watching her leave I heard the bartender say
"She ain't pretty she just looks that way"

So, uh, I called her up, her father was home
Said "She's busy she can't come to the phone"
I held my breath, decided to wait
A guy like me doesn't get many dates
I fell in love with a model from hell
It took some time for my hormones to tell
That chasing her has been a grave mistake
She ain't pretty she just looks that way

Her ego wrote cheques incredibly fast
But her personality didn't have the cash
I laughed out loud to my total dismay
She ain't pretty she just looks that way
She ain't pretty she just looks that way
She ain't pretty
She ain't pretty
She ain't pretty
She ain't pretty she just looks that way

Memorable Quotes:

  • "you don't seem Heterosexually disinclined. You look moreā€¦ Burlington Coat Factory inclined." - Silence, is golden
  • "There's a reason i don't live on the bottom floors Dr. Suresh. Besides, Rami's curry would be devalued and cannot be properly appreciated, if you used utensil's. Just don't tell that to page six, or they'll send undercover maids to see if it's true, that I even own a pair of jeans" Drink turned down, Nalani sets about to uncapping her cappuccino and scenting it delicately before sipping. "And see, more dangerous information, I can exist without my horde of assistants" - Coffee Corner

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