Christopher Nash

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Name Christopher Llewellyn Nash Aliases None
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasion
Birthdate December 12th 1979 Age 29
Height 6' Build 200 lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Dorchester Towers
Employment NYPD
Parents Gerald and Gladys Nash Siblings Kevin (27), Jason (25)
Marital Status Amazingly Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Christopher Nash is a highly touted police detective moving in from Chicago to join the NYPD wanting to make as big a name for himself in New York as he did in Chicago.
Christopher Nash
portrayed by
Jason Dohring


Nash nash_icon.gif
6/2 Just A Little Rusty Coco's is back in business and a 'vacationing' Nash goes to workout where he meets Sara and Cardinal.
6/1 To Partners Kaydence and Nash have a cold one and toast to their union.
5/31 Cold Justice Kaydence and Nash find their suspects.
5/30 Your Offense Kaydence and Nash find out they've been thrown together. They can't decide which one of them is being punished.
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