Nataliya Volkov

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Name Nataliya Volkov Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Russian
Birthdate March 28, 1981 Age 28
Height 5'7" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Blonde
Residence Staten Island
Employment Unknown (Criminal / Mechanic)
Parents Siblings Dasha Gorsky
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen In-Law Reunion Last Seen Ulterior Motives
Profile Nataliya 'Natasha' Volkov is a mechanic working and living on Staten Island. Her name would suggest Russian ancestry, but she's really only got an accent when she's either had a few drinks or gotten really pissed off. She tries to keep her head down.
Nataliya Volkov
portrayed by

Julia Stiles
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Guns: Having liked things that go BANG from a young age, Nataliya is an okay shot with a good ol' gun. Mostly firing range experience, she's not as good with practical application and moving targets.

Mechanics: Nataliya likes to know how things tick, mostly cars and other machines. Cars are her favourite, however. A dedicated grease monkey, she's a good mechanic and more than capable of holding a job at a garage. This also means she is familiar with various forms of welding. She is an excellent car thief.

Street Smarts: She knows which gang goes where, what families rank where in the various hierarchies, and which Chinese restaurants she should probably avoid. She can ditch someone in a crowd. She knows where to get rid of stolen goods and their (very approximate) worth and where to go for a gun or some fake papers. Nataliya knows she should take big earrings off before getting in a fight and to watch out for fake nails.

Brawling: Bitch will knock you out, yo. Not the best fighter, she can take care of herself in a bar brawl. She specializes in cheap shots.

Gambling: Never the big winner, when she cares to gamble she can usually make a little money rather than lose it. She's also a decent pool player.

Miss Manners: In a pinch, Nataliya knows how to behave like a proper lady. Doesn't mean she likes it.

Russian: She knows it.

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