Nate Roberts

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Name Nathan Steven Roberts Aliases
Status Registered Evolved Ability Telekinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate January 13th Age 23
Height 6'1" Build Muscular
Eyes Pale Blue Hair Pale Blond
Residence New York City
Employment Wicked - Broadway Show
Parents Steven Roberts (Deceased),
Lily Roberts (Deceased)
Siblings Harmony Roberts
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Rekindling the Legacy Last Seen
Nate Roberts
portrayed by

Chord Overstreet



Steven Roberts - Steven Roberts was the lead male vocalist for the band Authentic. A good father who loved his children a great deal. He died saving his daughter, Harmony in a plane crash by using his forcefield ability to protect her. Nathan loved his father a great deal yet he was not as close to him as he was his mother.
Lilly Roberts - Female lead vocalist and bass player of the band Authentic, Lily married her band mate Steven and produced two wonderful children, Harmony and Nathan. Nathan was a momma's boy growing up and he loved her with all his heart. He took the death of his parents really hard yet says goodnight to his mother's picture every night before bed. She had the ability to create light from soundwaves.
Harmony Roberts - One year her senior, Harmony is Nate's sister. When they lost their parents, Nate left the day he turned 18 to live in LA. He had to get through the pain of losing his parents on his own. A thing he came to understand that would not happen on his own and he has returned to NYC to be closer to Harmony. He recent told her his biggest secret…he too was an Evolved. She took it better then he expect!


Nate is the male prodigy of two famous musicians. He was handed a guitar at the age of four and it has been love ever since. He has a great singing voice yet has a talent with the guitar that could rival some of the best in the world. He knows he could use his family name to show off his abilities when it comes to music yet he wants to make a name for himself on his own blood and sweat. Not his parents.

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