Nicole Nichols

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Name Nicole Lyzette Nichols Aliases Charlotte Stephanie "Steve" Caiati
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Electrokinetic Absorption
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 24, 1981 Age 29
Height 5' 7" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Upper East Side
Employment Linderman Building
Parents Richard and Evangeline Nichols† Siblings Colette Nichols
Marital Status Single Children Ingrid Ryans (future)
First Seen Starlit Trip Last Seen Quietus IV

Nicole Nichols works as a personal assistant to Daniel Linderman. She lives to dote on her younger sister, Colette, and build a better life for her even more so than for herself. She is somewhat of an expert in the realm of politics.

In 2012 and beyond, Nicole would give birth to a daughter, go on to fight in the Second American Civil War, and after, finally settle in to legitimate work.

Nicole Nichols
portrayed by

Winona Ryder

I love my sister more than anything in this life
I will choose her happiness over mine every time


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It was Halloween of 1991 when Colette Elizabeth Nichols entered the world and Nicole's heart broke. She's spent the bulk of her adult life trying to make up for being unable to shield her little sister from the same abuse she grew up with. When their mother was diagnosed with cancer, Nicole was quick to take Colette into her home. After Evagneline Nichols' cancer was determined to be terminal, Nicole was keen never to let her sister go back to the home they grew up in, and their father's brand of "care." Instead, Nicole attempted to become not only the cool sister, but the cool parent, and give Colette a freedom she hadn't experienced before. Only recently has she realised that her plan backfired, as it seems Colette's become adept at getting herself into trouble when left entirely to her own devices.

In 2006, Colette was supposed to be at home, and home was extremely damaged by the bomb that destroyed Midtown Manhattan. When no survivor matching Colette's description was to be found, a devastated Nicole presumed her sister dead. It was this unwillingness to live a life without her sister that caused Nicole to abandon her own identity, have her memory wiped, and start over as someone new. Her love for her sister was so deep, that when she thought Colette was dead, Nicole wanted nothing more than to be dead, too.

Reuniting with Colette was bitter-sweet. While for Colette, it had been years since she'd last seen her sister, it had felt more like days for Nicole once she regained her memory. She didn't have years to grieve her loss. It put the two on very unequal footing, and left Nicole very able to simply dive back into work. Despite it seeming as though Nicole takes very little interest in her sister's whereabouts, activities, hobbies, and friends, she is still fiercely devoted to Colette and would do anything to keep her safe.

This may mean locking the girl in her bedroom for her own good in the future. With Colette now on the run due to her affiliations, Nicole has to wonder where she failed her sister and if she could have done more to prevent her from getting in so deep in the freedom fighting channels.

With scrutiny on her now (rightfully so), Nicole has to wonder if Colette won't be the death of her.

Despite all this, Colette is still the most important thing in Nicole's life, and she will do whatever it takes to protect her and bring her home.


Ringtone: Hotel California


Judah Demsky is Colette's adoptive father, and so that makes him something like family to Nicole, even if no blood or legal documentation binds the two.

Perhaps the two act somewhat like a divorced couple, or the kind of couple that produced a child from a one-night stand and never had any intention of co-habiting, though they share child-rearing duties. Regardless, Nicole knows very little about Judah.

All she needs to know is that he's a detective with the NYPD's SCOUT unit, and that he loves her sister as much as she does.

Now that the man has been arrested for harbouring her sister, Nicole can't help but feel an immense amount of gratitude for all that he's done to keep Colette safe, and her as well. She's in the man's debt, and only hopes she'll have a chance to repay that debt someday soon.


Ringtone: Breaking the Girl


Sissy's girlfriend.

Nicole knows even less about Tamara than she does about Judah.

The important thing is that Colette seems to love her, so that makes the girl okay in Nicole's book.

She also seems to be okay with this whole Colette-apparently-having-two-girlfriends-thing-I-don't-even, and Nicole thinks that may qualify Tamara for sainthood. …Or maybe an institution.

This last bit is possibly a bit ironic in hindsight, considering Tamara's been taken into Institute custody.


Ringtone: Dead Man's Party


Sissy's other girlfriend?

Nicole doesn't know a whole lot about her sister's love life except that it seems to be exceptionally complicated, but it maybe somehow works?

Judging from what she's been told, Colette seems to love both Tasha and Tamara, and at least Tasha doesn't appear to have a weird ability that makes her speak in riddles. So far, so good. She even seems to have good taste in pyjamas, and good manners.

What Nicole can't figure out is how Sissy's getting more ass than she is.

Carrot Cake

Ringtone: Golden


Find Delia Ryans. Save her.

Nicole's first experience with Delia was in her dreams. A lost princess, looking for her way home. She sent the young woman in the wrong direction, due to jealousy. Delia's connection with The King of All, or John Logan, made Nicole into a literal green-eyed monster. Even if it was just a dream, it's not one of Nicole's proudest moments.

In the waking world, Delia Ryans is one of Brad's half-sister. He calls her Carrots, due to her orange hair. Nicole calls her Carrot Cake, because she's so sweet. She's come to embrace the dreamwalker as sort of a second sister, perhaps due to her closeness in age to her actual sister. The fact that Delia is keen to embrace Nicole as an older sister doesn't hurt things, either. If she's honest, Nicole enjoys being wanted by the younger woman.

Where things get complicated is the fact that Delia allowed herself to be seduced by Logan, despite full knowledge of Nicole's feelings for him prior to the act. Perhaps it's because Nicole likes Delia so much that makes it feel like such a stinging betrayal. Though she tried to convince herself at first that she didn't blame Delia for sleeping with him (if only because Nicole understands how persuasive her lover can be), Nicole eventually did come to hold the girl somewhat responsible. Rather than hate her, she simply begged her not to do it again. To have to compete with Delia, who's younger and prettier in Nicole's mind, is a harrowing prospect.

Trivia and Miscellany

  • Rarely makes a fuss of her own birthday, which works out well since it falls on Christmas Eve.
  • Closet Doctor Who fan.
  • Suffers from frequent nightmares.
  • Has a diamond tennis bracelet she wears at all times.
  • In possession of Allen Rickham's wedding ring, which she (quite selfishly) wears on a chain around her neck.
  • Kept the ring Bradley Russo gave her when he proposed - she wears it on her right hand.
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