"The Nightmare Man"

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Name Hokuto Ichihara Aliases The Nightmare Man
Nightmare King
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Dream Manipulation
Gender Unknown Race/Eth. Unknown
Birthdate Unknown Age Unknown
Height Unknown Build Unknown
Eyes Unknown Hair Unknown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Seen Solitude Last Seen In Somnis Veritas, Part IV
Profile The Nightmare Man is a plague of dreams, and one who's ability seems to effect both the mind and the body. His origins are unknown, and his goals indiscernible, save that wherever he goes, suffering follows in his wake. It was revealed in his defeat, that the Nightmare Man was a fragmented personality of Hokuto Ichihara, the very woman who was attempting to stop him.
"The Nightmare Man"
portrayed by



What Dreams May Come
March 2009
When Did You Feel My Caress
3rd Solitude Eileen
September 2009
When Did You Feel My Caress
9th Death or Sleep Rebecca
14th Jesus Wept Maya
17th The Faustian Bargain Teo
22nd Inertia Creeps Felix
23rd Heroes and Martyrs Joseph
October 2009
7th Behind Closed Eyes, Part I Bill
Behind Closed Eyes, Part II Danko
November 2009
10th Sleeping Dragons Eileen, Gabriel and Teo
12th A Heavy Rain Huruma
December 2009
2nd The Nightmare Duet Aaron and Peyton
5th A Zombie Musical Eve
6th Eden Station Kaylee
6th Running Out of Luck Daphne
7th Getting Away With It Logan
8th The Chain Helena
9th Hunter's Paradox Wendy
11th "It Should Have Been You." Rebecca
12th How It Could Have Been Angelina
12th The Scientist Bao-Wei
15th The Poison Maiden Delilah
19th Ave Maria Meredith
21th Dance Yourself To Death Angelina
21th And She Dies Again And Again Tamsine
29th They All Have Tea Cups Lola, Mortimer, Jack
January 2010
2nd Bridge Between Sleep and Awake Corbin and Daphne
18th The Ring of Fire Hokuto and Meredith
22nd Worthless POS Buck
22nd All of Heaven Away Tamsine
26th A Hole In The Ice Gillian
26th A Patch of Wind Gillian and Helena
28th Live Free Or Die Soft Buck and Robin
28th The Right Track Bao-Wei and Hokuto
29th In Personam Abby, Angela, Bao-Wei, Cat, Corbin, Daphne, Helena, Hokuto, Kaylee, John, Lola, Molly, Mortimer
30th Trial and Triumph Peyton and Cat
February 2010
1st Volk Angela and Eve
2nd A Beacon In The Night Cat, Juniper, Kaylee, Meredith, Mortimer, Jack
5th The Pastor's Sanctuary Joseph and Kaylee
6th The Twelfth Aaron, Abby, Bao-Wei, Logan, Tamsine
10th Not Strong Enough Aaron and Gillian
10th Wo Ai Ni Eileen
10th Once More, With Feeling Cat and Else
11th Blindly Grasping Delilah, Helena, Jenn, Rickham
12th Behind You Daphne, Logan, Risa
13th Through the Looking Glass Bao-Wei, Corbin, Hokuto, Kaylee, Mortimer, Teo and The Nightmare Man
19th In Somnis Veritas, Part I Aaron, Corbin, Daphne, Meredith and The Nightmare Man
In Somnis Veritas, Part II Cat, Helena, Kaylee and The Nightmare Man
In Somnis Veritas, Part III Angelina, Bao-Wei, Logan, Mortimer and The Nightmare Man
In Somnis Veritas, Part IV Angelina, Bao-Wei, Cat, Corbin, Daphne, Helena, Hokuto, Kaylee, Logan, Meredith, Mortimer, Molly, and the Nightmare Man
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