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Name Odessa Gale Knutson Price Aliases Odessa Knutson, Brooke Lynwood, Joy Saint-Jacques, Nightingale
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Temporal Manipulation
Restored by Darren Stevens
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate April 8, 1984 Age 27
Height 5'2" Build Underweight
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde White Blonde
Residence Gun Hill The Octagon #108 150 Thornycroft Avenue, Eltingville Blocks
Employment The Institute, Department of Evolved Affairs cover
Parents Colin Price †
Rianna Price †
Siblings Unknown (Presumed None)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Not the Doctor Last Seen N/A
Profile Odessa is many things. Former Company doctor, former Vanguard, former bank robber, former Moab prisoner, addict, former Ferry clinic operator, former indentured servant to The Commonwealth Institute. Formerly dead. Twice. But above all else, Odessa Knutson Price is a self-preservationist. There are a handful of people she's loyal to, possibly to a fault, but even they probably don't realize her devotion. Those that do tend to exploit it.
Odessa Gale Knutson Price
portrayed by

Sheryl Lee


Dreams are never weak like we are.

Drunk or sober.


The Many Lives of Odessa Knutson Price
Damsel Prisoner Healer Betrayer Resurrected Haunted
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Doctor Bella Sheridan
The New Perspective
Odessa has known Doctor Sheridan for years. The two worked together when the younger doctor was still within the confines of the Company. Though Odessa has a certain distaste for psychology and psychiatry, feeling that too many medical conditions are dismissed as psychological, she is still able to see the merit to the study. Psychopathy does exist, after all. (She herself is very much proof of this.) People like Doctor Sheridan make the field tolerable, in Odessa's mind. The two were able to discuss that branch of medicine on an academic level, and Odessa would appreciate the way her counterpart wouldn't attempt to (openly) analyse her, or urge her to seek therapy.

In her new life, Odessa was mildly surprised to discover her old colleague had managed to find her way to the Institute. She even appeared to be doing well for herself there. Initially, Odessa only began attending therapy for the sake of ensuring that she would be granted a position within the Institute, rather than relegated to an underground laboratory or locked into another glorified cage. But something funny happened. Odessa discovered she actually liked Doctor Sheridan. The two quickly broke the accepted boundaries of doctor-patient relationship and actually formed a proper friendship of it.

Doctor's orders. Honest.

Odessa truly considers Bella to be her best friend. The other doctor seems to understand Odessa's little quirks, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities, and doesn't react in a horrified manner to any of them. Bella being comfortable with Odessa in all her bordering-on-high-functioning-sociopathic glory sparked a bond of trust that Odessa doesn't share with many people, causing her to be open and honest during her therapy sessions, and even more so while out together as friends.

Such a friendship does not come without confusion, however. Odessa was initially unable to entirely dismiss the fear that Bella may have been reporting back to their superiors about the state and extent of her troubled thoughts, though she was able to relegate it to the back of her mind. More confusing, however, was the way that she had begun to wonder if there could be something more than just a friendship between her and Bella. This culminated in a totally experimental kiss while drunk and high, and left Odessa with more questions than answers. Like where do they go from here?

Over the following months, the two women shared a tight bond that allowed them to step out of the roles of therapist and client, and ultimately Odessa came to realise that what she felt for Bella was in fact love. She found it somewhat frightening a prospect at first – the idea that she may love a woman when she considers herself straight, but was confident Bella felt the same about her.

She took a leap of faith on her twenty-seventh birthday that resulted in the nightingale landing flat on her face. Bella rejected her, confessing that she was in love with the man she had cried on Odessa's shoulder about. Hurt, but still able to understand, Odessa found it easier then to encourage her friend to seek refuge with the Ferrymen. As much as it pains her to let Bella goes, Odessa knows it's for the best.

Besides, it takes away some of the complication in their relationship…


Michal Valentin
The Shark
When she was just a young girl, Odessa Knutson met a handsome young Company agent from overseas (wherever that was) named Michal Valentin. She was just learning Russian, mostly medical terms, and attempted to converse with him, more confident in her skill than she had any right to feel. He laughed at her stumbling words, and woefully American inflection. It left an impression on her. It left her with the determination to get better, so that she might one day impress him.

She didn't have a chance to do that for many, many years. It was purely chance that had Odessa crossing paths again with Valentin, beneath the oppressive confines of the Dome. Years of rumours about bigotry and murder had never really had the effect such rumours are meant to have on those who hear them, but still Odessa exercised some caution. Perhaps fortunately for Michal, ruthlessness and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done appeal to Odessa, and so she aided him in his plan to bring down the Dome, and keep its creator from falling into government hands.

That may have backfired on her. A little bit. But it did prove some (terribly misguided) sense of loyalty to the man. She feels no pity for the cruelty he endured at the hands of his former partner with the Company. She does, however, feel sympathy for being made to feel vulnerable and forced to beg, and believes he did right in killing him, if only because she's terribly biased in his favour. Odessa makes no secret her admiration for Valentin, citing that even without an ability, the man is never powerless. His honesty with her (as much as he chooses to be) has only cemented her affection.

This can only come back to haunt her in some terrible way. Deep down, Odessa realises this. Call her an optimist, she simply hopes it never comes to that. Or that one day he'll change his mind about her, and remember that she began life as a harmless young girl, rather than manifested monster.

When her ability was taken from her, she knew she wanted to reconnect with Valentin. Odessa wanted to ask him to teach her to be as strong as he is. When Devon Clendaniel approached her to set up a meeting, she had her excuse. By then, she realised more than just her ability had been altered. Her very genetics were changed. It was in Michal's presence that she confirmed her status as non-Evolved.

He's promised her to teach her what it means to be human. She'll consider it a consolation prize after all that's been stolen from her. The two have worked together to unravel the web that is The Commonwealth Institute, allowing her to take some measure of revenge. She also acts as his eyes and ears within the Eltingville Blocks.


Agent Doctor Calvin Sheridan
The Trouble
All right, kids. Here's where it gets complicated.

Odessa and Calvin met working at the Institute. She took an instant liking to him with his orange dreadlocks and thick eyeliner. He seemed to have a thing for her choice of shoes. It was lust at first sight, if we're honest. Had Odessa not been convinced her then-partner was dead, and thus feeling sorry for herself, she may have thrown Calvin out when he showed up at her apartment after curfew and wasted.

Because he's an asshole.

Instead, she took him to bed. Then decided the encounter was enjoyable enough to ignore his more acerbic qualities. The things we do for lust.

A shared affection for liquor and sex bonded Odessa to Calvin. Having not had anything resembling a stable relationship before (not that what those two have qualifies as a relationship, or even stable), she found herself eager to indulge in frequent rendezvous and synchronised "coffee breaks" at work. That he seemed to know more about her than she knew about him presented her with a puzzle she wanted to solve.

It turns out that the mystery behind the man is that he's a time traveller, and the son of her best friend.

See? Told you it was complicated.

And somewhere along the line, Odessa decided she quite liked having Calvin in her life. Even if that's a bit masochistic. He's fiercely intelligent, and ruthless when the situation calls. Though terribly evasive about any aspect of his past Odessa hasn't figured out for herself, sarcastic and mean and always quick to assure her that nothing is about her, even when she didn't think it was.

Calvin's told Odessa that he's in the past to see the survival of his species. If that isn't a turn-on for a girl, what is? He's even said that he loves her, without her having said she loves him first. Or at all. That he also promised to kill her if she stands in his way did nothing to quell her affections. Unleashing a deadly virus – which she subsequently managed to catch – also couldn't put her off. (Perhaps this is psychopathy at its finest.) Though there is just… one small issue. It's where things get further complicated. She's no longer a member of his species.

And what he might do when he finds out terrifies her.

Soundtrack, by Theme

Dessa, "Seamstress"

Marc Wulf, "Eclipse"

Soundtrack, by Relationship

Evanescence, "Imperfection"

Soundtrack, by Chapter

Evanescence, "Exodus"

Trivia and Notes

  • Can speak French fluently.
  • Has a working knowledge of conversational Russian, as well as complex medical terms to help diagnose patients. She cannot read a word of the language.
  • At Hiro Nakamura's confusion, Odessa determined she must know Japanese in the future, so she set out to learn it. She occupies much of her free time studying the language and can read the various Kana, but only a handful of Kanji.
  • Currently studying Spanish so that she might read the copy of Ficciones she acquired from the late Mateo Ruiz.
  • Name on her government-issued ID says Odessa Gale Price. The assumed middle name comes from Daphne's nickname for her. Gale, is short for Nightingale.
  • Kept a journal at the behest of Doctor Bella Sheridan.
  • Has had a keen interest in Astronomy since her youth, despite having never seen the stars for herself until her mid-twenties.
  • Once owned, and can play, a harpsichord, as well as the piano.
  • Terrified of heights.
  • Enjoys rollercoasters despite this fact.
  • After being presumed dead in the explosion that all but leveled Eagle Electric, and believing everyone she could turn to was dead, found her way to the Midwest where she took on the alias Brooke Lynwood and began robbing small-town banks in Minnesota and Iowa with the aid of her ability to support her life on the run. She still has her haul stashed away somewhere and intends to retrieve it someday.
  • Loves cherry cobbler.
  • Owned a calico Persian cat named Schrödinger, currently in the care of Robyn Quinn.
  • Rarely ever seen in anything but high-heeled shoes. On the rare occasion that she absolutely cannot wear heels - and there are very few occasions where she can't wear high heels, if you're asking her - she can be found wearing Converse high tops. And always, always are her shoes in a bright, possibly retina offending pattern or colour.
  • If one ever spots Odessa Price in sedate shoes, they should be concerned.
  • Romance films are her guilty pleasure. Favourites are Closer and Pretty Woman.
  • Secretly covets the Kensei sword.
  • Tone deaf. Will sing, when alone, to herself absently to entertain, fill silence, or calm her nerves.
  • Chose the name Joy for herself at Kurt's suggestion, after Joy Page of Casablanca fame. The two love the film.
  • Disorder table generated from the questionnaire lifted from this forum post.

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