Opal Peery

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Name Opal Peery Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Superhuman Strength
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate Unknown Age 63
Height 5'4" Build Fragile
Eyes Blue Hair Gray
Residence New York, New York
Employment Library
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Widowed Children Three living, one Deceased
First Seen Of Salami, Stocks and Saurkraut... Last Seen A Family Brought Together
Profile A little librarian at a small brooklyn library. She's been a fixture there for years. Many people have been through that library. But, lately, she's changed…
Opal Peery
portrayed by

Betty White



January 8, 2009 Opal goes for dinner at Piccoli's Deli and runs into Lou. A charming younger man that actually gets her to laugh and enjoy a nice night out of the house. ((Of Salami, Stocks, and Saurkraut))
January 20, 2009 Opal goes for a night of quiet bowling, and runs into Nicolas and Roselyn. After a couple of frames, Opal discovers that Roselyn is actually her own lost granddaughter. Weeping and kind affection ensue. ((A Family Brought Together))
January 25, 2009 Opal is working, minding her own business and assisting Anne when they're interrupted by a drug-crazed man. Saving herself and Anne from being crushed, Opal learns… and reveals to Anne, that she DOES indeed have abilities. The police were called, and Elisabeth came in to save the day.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Her birthday is 9/9. Her granddaughter's birthday is 9/8.
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