Pamela Brown

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Name Pamela Brown Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Animal Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 6, 1983 Age 25
Height 5'11" Build Curvy
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence New York, New York
Employment Formerly Exotica, Veterinary Tech
Parents Donna and Keith Brown Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Honeysuckle Last Seen Red and Black
Profile Pamela Brown is a veterinary technician trying to become a vet. She gets paid peanuts at an animal shelter, dances at Exotica for enough money to make a living, and generally tries to keep those two parts of her life very, very separate. She's good with animals.
Pamela Brown
portrayed by

Adrianne Palicki


Pam and Honeysuckle

Pamela usually comes across as wholesome, which is pretty funny considering how she pays the bills. Dancing requires a sort of stepping out of herself mentally. While not precisely shy (hello, stripper), she's introverted. While friendly, she's happy reading a book. She absolutely loves animals, and animals like her. She's a little more comfortable with animals than people sometimes. She would really seem like a goody two-shoes if it weren't for her job, and that aspect of her job kind of appeals to her. It's nice for a good girl to be a little bad from time to time, and that's her outlet. Pam remains eternally grateful that 'Honeysuckle' is only her middle name and not her first, but it does provide a pretty skanky stripper name.

Skills & Traits:

Veterinary Medicine: Pam might not be a full-fledged vet yet, but she's got lots of experience. She can answer most questions about the care and feeding of animals and pretty much any question about household pets.

Farm Girl: Due to her upbringing, Pamela knows some pretty good stuff about growing crops and managing animals. She knows how much water crops need, when to pick and when to prune, how to milk a cow, how to churn butter, and basically do to do a lot of hippie commune things. She's really great at a campsite.

Riding: Pam knows how to ride around on a horse, which is not the most useful skill in New York, but whatever. It's a skill. She doesn't know 'proper' riding - if she was in a riding competition, she wouldn't place - but she can stay on horses and knows how to handle them.

Dancing: Pamela can shake her booty. The less that is said about this, the better. She's no great talent, doesn't really have training, but she does okay. It pays the bills. No one's likely to say 'what an amazing dancer'. They're more likely to say, 'wow, that dancer was really tall' or 'was that a mole between her eyes?' She does her best but she doesn't love what she does.

Waitressing: Pam can balance a lot of stuff on a tray. For serious.

Pool: Lots of strip joints have pool tables. Lots of strippers hustle pool.

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