Pandora Rasmussen

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Name Mizuki (Mimura) Rasmussen Aliases Pandora Rasmussen
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Japanese/Korean
Birthdate July 13, 1979 Age 31
Height 5'10" Build Athletic
Eyes Black Hair Black
Employment The Lighthouse
Parents Estranged Siblings None
Marital Status Widow (Archie Rasmussen) Children Junko Audrea Rasmussen
First Seen Issuing in the Year of the Tiger Last Seen Not That Country Anymore

Pandora Rasmussen sought refuge with the Ferrymen for her and her newborn daughter Junko, following the brutal slaying of her husband Archie. He was murdered by Samson Gray for his danger sensing ability.

While attempting to flee Staten Island through the Ferry network during the riots of November 8, 2010, Pandora was executed by the military, along with five others from the Ferry - including Jonas - in retaliation for Messiah's crimes against their own. Arriving with Knox and Oleander as escort left her mistakenly affiliated with the terrorist organisation.

Junko, affectionately called Junebug by her mother, survives.

Pandora Rasmussen
portrayed by

Grace Park

"All manner of sorrow and misery has fallen upon me. All I've got left is hope."
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