Peyton Whitney

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Name Peyton Whitney Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Clairvoyance
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 31, 1988 Age 22
Height 5'8" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Upper West Side
Employment None
Parents Adopted Parents, Deceased
Faye Crawford, birth mother
Albert Winslow, birth father, Deceased
Siblings Half-brother Neal, Faye's son
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Cat Fight Last Seen

Formerly a regular in the party scene and often seen with celebrities, she is quasi-famous just for being near the famous people. She's a party girl who hasn't really done much with her life yet. Her manifestation of power and a recent kidnapping have begun to instill in her a desire to change this broken world. She's begun using her power to help various groups fight against the status quo and Humanis First.

Peyton Whitney
portrayed by

Mary Elizabeth Winstead


O, Woe is me, t'have seen what I have seen, see what I see!


peyton_volume07.jpg Rich and somewhat famous socialite Peyton Whitney is used to being in the spotlight — but suddenly she finds the attention is on her for something other than wearing designer clothes and being on the arm of celebrities. When her power manifests, she finds herself in an unfamiliar world, where she is hated and feared simply because of a fluke of genetics. She begins another evolution of a different kind as she decides to be an activist rather than a victim.
The work Peyton has been doing is challenged when she finds herself without the people she has become to count as friends. Despite trying to be brave and change the world for the better, fear continues to be a main theme in her life — even in her dreams, as an entity called The Nightmare Man strikes at her and her friends in their sleep. peyton_volume08.jpg
peyton_volume09.jpg The Nightmare Man now only a memory and with her friends all returned to safety — more or less — in New York, Peyton’s building a new confidence in herself and her ability.
With the weather clearing, a new aspect of her ability to make it more useful to Endgame, and her friend and leader back in corporeal form, things should be looking up for Peyton Whitney. But what she sees when Fate or Science gives New York City residents a vision of their future will change her outlook on life — and what's worth living for. peyton_volume10.jpg
peyton_volume11.jpg Peyton feels like she's racing against the clock, trying to make the most of her life while she can and carrying the burden of several secrets on her shoulders. She's a business woman, trying to make sure she can help get Redbird off the ground before her time is up, and trying to help make the world a better place in as many ways as she can before what she believes to be an inevitable end sometime in the fall. Now she's been tasked to go into the past, or her very existence may be in danger.
peyton_volume12.jpg The riots finally come and Peyton manages to survive them despite her visions and fears. The day brings with it new and more difficult challenges. She grows stronger in her confidence and her power but as pressures begin to mount, the past that haunts someone she loves brings everything crashing down. The person who offers her a lifeline is the last person she expects — and taking it is a betrayal of everything she believed in.
peyton_volume13.jpg Peyton has fled from New York and has accepted her place by the side of the person she was told to fear — and yet can't keep from loving. She misses the life left behind but has said goodbye to that chapter of her life.
peyton_volume14.jpg Every choice she's made has led her to this point. Pain, loss, and shame are overwhelming, and Peyton believes there is no one to blame but herself. There is one light in the darkness. One life to live for. It just isn't her own.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "God, she's such a touch slut." — About Wendy.
  • "If you need someone to explain what your package is for, you have bigger problems than I thought." — To Aaron, after he asked Wendy what a package (a Refrain vial) is for.
  • "God, I've never wanted a screwdriver without vodka in it so much in my entire fucking life." — to fellow kidnap victim Wendy, while trying to unscrew an air conditioner with slivers of metal found in Wendy's high heels.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Peyton has often seen in the NYC social pages as she is often on the arm of various celebrities. Once in a while, she has even made it into national gossip publications, like US Weekly or People. She is a kind of faux celebrity. These days, any articles or photographs will most likely mention how she was a kidnap victim of Humanis First and how she has dropped out of the social scene due to her ability. So far no one in the media seems truly clear on what her ability is, aside from "Clairvoyance" or "visions."


These are the people she considers family or the closest she's got to it.
faye_icon.gif Her biological mother that she's recently met, Peyton already looks up to this strong woman. Hopefully their rapport will grow stronger, but it's just nice to have a family again.
winslow_icon.gif One meeting was not enough to answer all the questions or to even get to know this mysterious man who apparently bargained for his life just to watch her grow up from a distance. She found him just to lose him again.
aaron_icon.gif They definitely started off on the wrong foot or even leg — but they seem to have bonded over a series of unfortunate events and the fact that they can make each other feel better due to Peyton's hidden misery and Aaron's special ability. Aaron was her very unlikely roommate for a time. After misunderstandings, he's slipped out of her life again but she has fond feelings for him.
gillian_icon.gif Gillian and Peyton worked together to try and see Cassidy O'Shea while the police woman was kidnapped; they have now formed a friendship, especially since Peyton had an extra bed and a roommate who can take away Gillian's woes.
wendy_icon.gif She met this strange but fun girl at a Rapture and quickly hit it off. They have lots in common — money, alcohol, and drugs. What's not to like? Trouble seems to follow this pair — from cat fights to Peyton's manifestation, life was never boring when these two are together. Wendy was murdered, but will always hold a place in Peyton's heart.


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