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Name Miles Porter Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Body Possession
Gender Unknown Race/Eth. Unknown
Birthdate 1981 Age 27
Height Unknown Build Unknown
Eyes Unknown Hair Unknown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents The Porters Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Fail Last Seen Boo
Profile Miles was a somewhat nerdy kid growing up, after discovering his ability during college his life was changed for ever. He is now a free roaming spirit, figuratively speaking. Jumping from body to body, trying to live the life he's always secretly desired, but at what costs?
Miles Porter
portrayed by



Fail - Brian and Deckard set out into Midtown for some nice, quiet looting, only to be interrupted by Miles's mostly naked nutcase self. Someone is shot, someone is nearly possessed, and to the surprise of everyone, it turns out that letting Deckard chaperone a small army of 20 year old clones into Hell on Earth was probably not actually a very good idea at all.
Mistaken Insanity - What was supposed to be a casual trip to the park for most turned into a never ending nightmare for a young woman.
Mistaken Insanity The Escape - Resigned to life in a strait jacket, Victoria has a strange visit from her doctor, er her cop er her orderly er….
Ride Around the Town - Lysette discovers that some cabbies are overly friendly and full of advice
Coffee and Changeling - Victor tries to pass of fake ID and is invited out for coffee where Miles is mistaken for Sylar, and Abby panics… again.
Worst Recruiter Ever - Following Teo's orders, Owen tries to approach NotSylar (that's Miles) and winds up rescuing the body thief's latest vessel from Elvis.
Cognitive Dissonance - Deckard runs into a familiar skeleton with an unfamiliar face, Dantes plays the innocent, and Miles goes for a joy ride in Deckard's pants.
Schaedenfreud - Teo meets Miles at Exotica to discuss matters of recruiting only to find that he's using and abusing Deckard's body. He is not pleased. Not to be deterred, Deckles informs Pam that he is actually a murdering arsonist psychopath after all and that's just how he is so she shouldn't hate on him for it. In light of this line of behavior Teo decides it might be wise to take things outside, so they do, only Deckard manages to @boot Miles out of his body right about then and the clusterfuck squares itself with the addition of one really angry man and two guns. Once that little disagreement has been sorted out at gunpoint, Teo drags Deckard off to take the bus home, only to be pursued by Dantes all the way into another scene that I will post later. Whew.
Alter Egos - Sonny aka Reg comes to see Miles aka Sammy about some fake ID. Things are all business. Neither is aware the other is not who he appears to be.

Memorable Quotes:


  • Fallen (The Movie starring Denzel Washington) - Miles' favorite little tune that he likes to sing is actually from this movie, and infact, this movie has inspired some of the 'drawbacks' for Miles' power of Body Possession. ~~Time is on my side, Yes it is! Time is on my side, Yes it is! You say you want to be free, but you keep running back to me~~ Is the song that the demonic body snatching serial killer kept singing and it's how the officer played by Denzel Washington knew it was him in those different people. But then again, he was just being blatantly obvious about it.

IC notes:

Miles kept hearing the name Sylar being thrown around and everyone kept saying that they thought he was this guy, but Miles doesn't know anything about this guy except that he's apparantly /bad/, but Miles has no fear…. yet.
Also, thanks to Owen, Miles is now aware of the faction called 'Pheonix', apparantly a bunch of do-gooders, which could be use to his benefit he thinks, at least it wouldn't hurt to be friendly to 'em.

IC Relationships:

This is the sibling of that officer dude at Central Park, also seen her there, he was very protective of her obviously. Also met her under the guise of being a cab driver, she was going to see Victoria at the hospital, but I had to inform her that she was already released, so we ended up driving her to the Mayor's Office, to go see the redhead there. Her name's Lysette, she is hawt but she just wants to be friends. I got a number out of her so I might be able to convince her otherwise in the future, I'll see how it goes.
Got introduced to him by Isabelle; he's the guy that calls the shots. Do what he says, get paid, ontop of all that, do a little good for Evolved-kind.
Oh man. Too bad she isn't into a 'new look' every night, otherwise I'd tap that. She's literally one smoking HOT chick. She's apart of Shedda Dinu as well, she introduced me to Rupe, so on and so forth. What I'd give to take her for another 'thrill ride' down 5th avenue… woo.
Shedda Dinu member. She's a cool black chick, she's got some mad karate-kung fu skillz. For real. She even offered to teach us some, though a little emotionally stunted, she seems pretty wicked cool.
Met him at the 'hideout', he seemed pretty cool, Rupe told me to seek him out if I wanted to learn anything about computers. Asked him, he agreed, I'll try to soak up as much as I can get out of this guy. Definately a useful skill to be learned.

Gallery of Hosts

host1.jpg ((NPC)) Samuel P. Buchannon. Otherwise known as 'Sammy' in some circles, what cirlces those are, is still uncertain to Miles, but apparantly he's a regular attendee at the Exotica. He's also a known felon; He has committed identity theft, fraud, petty theft and robbery. Apparantly he's also an informant for law enforcement. ((Any suggestions to add more to the background for RP reasons, please let me know))
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