Jeremy Prince

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Name Jeremy Prince, MD Aliases None
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Skill Mimicry
Gender Male Race/Eth. American
Birthdate September 22nd, 1978 Age 32
Height 5'10" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Textile Factory 17, New York
Employment FRONTLINE
Parents Joseph Prince (adoptive)
Marlene Prince (adoptive)
Birth parents unknown
Siblings Presumably None
Marital Status Widowed Children None
First Seen The Valkyries Agenda, Part VII Last Seen ????
Profile Former Doctor, former US Army Reserve, currently a member of FRONTLINE, Jeremy Prince is a classically good guy who has had some bad things happen in his life.
Jeremy Prince
portrayed by

Simon Baker

Gunfire in the street
Where we used to meet
Echoes out a beat
When the bass goes bomb
Right over my head
Step over the dead
Remember what you said

You know a part of my old life
Is just a waking dream
Well, I know what you mean
But that ain't how it seems right here, right now

How can this be real
I can barely feel

I am trying to see
I am trying to believe
This is not where I should be
I am trying to believe

Nine Inch Nails - The Good Soldier


True Skills

Jeremy is a doctor. He's got the degree to back it up. Combine four years of graduate education in medicine and two years of on site, war time experience in it and you get a highly skilled doctor. His practice is in general medicine and surgery, though he's quite skilled in emergency first aid as well from his time in Iraq. By no means a master surgeon or capable of diagnosing every disease known to man, he is more than a capable doctor.

Borrowed Skills

One of Sarisa's other skills she excelled at prior to the discovery of her Evolved ability was information gathering and extraction, specifically from unwilling participants. Anything ranging from seduction to outright torture methods are an area of expertise for her. Sarisa performed torture interrogations on Iraqi soldiers in the early 1990s during the Gulf War, and later on Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay following 2001. This training also professes a certain measure of anatomical familiarity and medical expertise in pushing a prisoner to their limits without killing them. This skill also covers Sarisa's ability to resist torture and interrogation.


Kershner. She's the reason he's employed. And while Jeremy might not know her dirty little secrets, he can tell her closet is overflowing with skeletons. He doesn't like or trust her at all.
Out of all the members of his FRONTLINE Squad, Elisabeth is the person Jeremy trusts the most outside of the chain of command. He gets her sense of morality, even if it doesn't jive 100% with his, and appreciates her willingness to stick her neck out for others.
The unit commander for FRONTLINE Unit 1, Jeremy has only seen Michael on a professional level. Still, he seems like a decent guy who would have Jeremy's back in a pinch. So Jeremy has his.
Rachel seems a little off-kilter to Jeremy, but as far as he can tell that's probably war related. It happens all the time. As far as work goes, he knows she can handle her own. Outside of work, he wouldn't be asking her for a drink anytime soon.


Date Title Summary Starring
5th The Valkyries Agenda, Part VII Jeremy is recruited for FRONTLINE by an unexpected visitor. Prince, Sarisa
8th Playing At Being Soldiers Arriving at Annapolis, Jeremy is greeted by Elisabeth. Prince, Elisabeth
9th Tough Choices A conversation between three members of FRONTLINE. Prince, Michael, Rachel


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