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Name Robyn Janestine Quinn Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Photokinesis (Currently Inaccessible)
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian (Irish)
Birthdate September 27th, 1984 Age 27
Height 5'5" Build 123 lbs.
Eyes Grey Hair Long Brown
Residence Village Renaissance Building Apartment 309
Employment God who even knows anymore. Musician/Freedom Fighter mostly
Parents Conner Quinn (Father, living in Ireland)
Charlotte Roux (Mother, living in Boston)
Siblings None
Marital Status Engaged (Elaine Darrow) Children None
First Seen White Days Last Seen Going Nowhere
Profile A talented singer and songwriter hailing from Ireland, Robyn Quinn is a musician and DJ living in New York. Gifted with the power of photokinesis, she is a fun loving woman who has been forced to grow up and face the world with a more serious face over the course of her time in the city. Recent developments have turned her into a more devoted operative for the Ferrymen network, while trying to balance these activities with recording new music and a newfound job helping to run Studio K's radio division. Once answered mostly to "Quinn" but has grown accustomed to and even encourages folks calling her by her first name.
Robyn Quinn
portrayed by

Stéphanie Sokolinski


Once Upon A Time…


Elaine Darrow

Ringtone: Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love


Of the many loves of Robyn Quinn's life, Elaine Darrow is undoubtedly the one that burns the brightest. They were quick friends when they first properly met in a coffee shop as a terrible winter storm that had hung over New York finally broke. The two endured numerous trials together, and though their friendship only blossomed into something more due to unexpected decisions from all around, when it did Quinn was beyond elated - she had fallen in love with the polyglot almost instantly, and eventually having that feeling returned meant the world to her. The pair has recently become engaged; though maybe not under the best of circumstances or for the best of reasons, Quinn is excited about the possibilities of the future.

The Mixed Tape

Quinn’s chief skill lies in her high level of musical talent. She is a more than capable singer, and is skilled at playing several instruments, including guitar (acoustic preferred), bass, piano/keyboard, violin, synthesizer, and a little handbells. She’s even been seen wielding a keytar in her day, though she claims to loathe the thing (hint: guilty pleasures are a bitch). Indeed, if she had been more focused and paid more attention in school, it’s very likely she could have attended one of New York’s prestigious music schools. While not strictly a “skill”, Quinn is a confident and sometimes charismatic speaker or stage presence, something that aids her when she is DJing. To go hand in hand with this, she is highly knowledgeable about music, particularly of the last two decades, and is often up to date on the latest news. Beyond this, she is physically fit, but otherwise unremarkable in her physical abilities.

Quinn does have several places she falters. She is terrible at just about any and all forms of Mathematics, for starters, and is also a rather clumsy person. She is also a terrible cook, which forces her to eat out way more than she’s comfortable with, and she exercises to make up for it constantly. She is notorious for her inability to arrive anywhere in a prompt manner (except work – she doesn’t screw around with anything that makes money!) and her terrible sense of direction. To be entirely frank, she's pretty useless if it doesn't involve music, or in a smaller capacity, books.

A Song Is A Weapon

As a published musician, Quinn has commercially released some song! You can find completed lyrics to each of those songs here!

Glass Wonderland (Winter 2011)

Glass_Wonderland-Front.jpg Glass_Wonderland-Back.jpg
Front Cover Back Cover

Recorded at The Village Renaissance studio owned by Catherine Chesterfield starting in August 2010 and ending early in January 2011, Glass Wonderland is the debut EP (Extended Play) by Robyn Quinn. Consisting of one disc of freshly recorded music, as well as a second disc of demos and carefully chosen tracks recorded over the last several years, the album was released on February 10th, 2011, along with an accompanying release concert.


Disc One: Glass Wonderland

  1. Whiteout
  2. Firefly
  3. The Perfect Mix
  4. She Talks To Spirits
  5. Empire of the Sun
  6. Fantasies
  7. Glass Wonderland

Disc Two: Glass Fragments

  1. Take The Fall (Solo, 2003 Studio Demo)
  2. Sympathy (Solo, 2003 Studio Demo)
  3. Pieces (Full Band, 2003 Studio Demo)
  4. The Breaker (Full Band, 2003 Studio Demo)
  5. Endless (Piano Instrumental, 2006 Home Demo)
  6. Like Porcelain (Full Band, 2007 Studio Demo)
  7. Ashes (Mad Muse Demo, 2010 Home Demo w/Sable)


Glass Wonderland was originally intended to be a full length album, but with a self imposed deadline approaching, and several months already spent on recording, Quinn made the decision to cut several songs from the release instead choosing to add the second disc of already available demos. These songs, in their unfinished form, were either set aside or given to friends at her 2010 Christmas party.

  • Desire’s Grip (Unfinished Violin and Drum Tracks) - Given out to select individuals at Quinn’s 2010 Christmas Party
  • Ocean of Light (Unfinished Drum Track) - Given out to select individuals at Quinn’s 2010 Christmas Party
  • Means To An End ( Unfinished Guitar and Drum Tracks) - Given out to select individuals at Quinn’s 2010 Christmas Party
  • Whiteout (Full Version) (Full seven minute version cut for time) - Given out to select individuals at Quinn’s 2010 Christmas Party
  • Stardust (B-Side on Fantasies Single)

"Empire of the Sun" Single (October 2011)

With the success of her Glass Wonderland EP and a feature in the April 2011 issue of Pause Magazine, Quinn wasted no time setting forth to record a new, full length record with the intention of pushing it to release in early 2012. After a false start that led to a number of tracks being scrapped, Quinn spent much of her summer in 2011 putting together a new album named Empire of the Sun, with the track of the same name from Glass Wonderland appearing on the album with new, rewritten lyrics. The album was finished, mixed, and mastered, with master analog tapes handed over to Studio K. It's release, however, was indefinitely delayed by Quinn's departure to Pollepel in October 2011 and the subsequent closure of Studio K. Only a single for "Empire of the Sun" was ever issued, hitting the airwaves in October 2011.


  1. Empire of the Sun (Empire Version)
  2. Ashes (Version Q)
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