Jensen Raith

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Name Jensen Raith Aliases King of Swords
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 03/15/1963 Age 48
Height 6'2" Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Former Central Intelligence Agent and Vanguard Operative
Remnat Co-Commander
Parents Roy Raith †
Alison Raith †
Siblings Jacob Raith
Paul Raith
Rachel Epstein
Marital Status Single Children Liette Fournier
Julie Fournier
First Seen Getting the Band Back Together Last Seen N/A
Profile Leader of Vanguard leftovers in New York and recent addition to the Ferrymen. Although willing to work for a "commission," he's lately backed away from freelance work and has focused more on Remnant and Ferrymen activities.
Jensen Raith
portrayed by

Jeffrey Dean Morgan



Although his military career lasted only ten years, he spent the vast majority of it in special warfare units, most notably the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-D. The skill is a catch-all for the spread of knowledge he possesses in conventional and unconventional warfare.


See: Log Archive for Jensen Raith


It is a very strange sort of family. Really, it is.


Avi Epstein

Jensen and Avi have a very "dynamic" relationship. In part, this is because of a shared history of military and CIA service in foreign lands killing foreign people. Mainly, it's because Avi married Jensen's sister and the two have been best friends ever since. Excepting all the times when they've ended up on opposite sides of the battle lines, largely because of ideological differences. The most significant of these being that Avi is a stubborn stick in the mud who cooks the flavors out of his steaks. The brotherly love is palpable.


Liette Fournier

Gimme a minute here.


Ethan Holden

Filling the role of "absentee parent," in a way, Ethan led the New York arm of the Vanguard and then led the Remnant briefly before disappearing to address his own goals. Eventually, he'll be back, although there is wonder among Jensen and his compatriots whether he'll come back in a broken-down pickup truck or in a casket.


Gabriel Gray

"That guy that blew up New York." Arrogant, aloof and standoffish, Jensen nevertheless recognizes as valuable the traits and skills that Gabriel Gray brings to the table. And recognizes that, for an irritating as he is at times, Gabriel is generally alright. Most recent birthday present is a broken-down Jaguar that is nearly ready to rule the road again.


Eileen Ruskin Spurling

In Jensen's mind, the alternate power behind more or less everything. She helped bring the Remnant together, helped keep it running, and now is just as responsible, it you ask him, for keeping the Ferrymen and his awkward little family unit going. The closest thing to "mother" that the old dispensary on Staten island has. Best not to say that to her, however: Being British, she has no sense of humor and may not find it as amusing as Jensen does.


Teodoro Laudani

I need to think about this one a little bit. Check back later.

Notes and Trivia:

  • Because of his mental discipline and military and CIA training, Jensen is especially good at resisting torture. Everyone eventually talks; he just holds out longer.
  • While Kazimir Volken had a budget that would make a small country envious, Jensen is operating on a budget that might make a B-movie, if he makes liberal use of "fake Shemps". Without the staggering array of firepower they once had, anyone lining up with him will have to do battle using wits and agility, rather than bullets and bombs.
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