Rami Lasul Hollingwood

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Name Rami Lasul Hollingwood Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Arabic
Birthdate November 11, 1973 Age 36
Height 6' Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Employment The Company
Parents Siblings Nalani Hollingwood
Marital Status Children
First Seen Spies Like Us Last Seen The End of an Era

Rami was killed during a raid on the Company's Primatech facility.

Rami Lasul Hollingwood
portrayed by

Alexander Siddig


Rami Hollingwood is in many ways a man who doesn't really know who he is. The first two decades of his life were shaped by his English parents with only the faintest knowledge of his Arab heritage. After that he only had a brief period on his own (which was defined by protecting his sister) and then the CIA molded him into the man they wanted him to be. In the years between he spent months and months in assumed identities all over the world and within the United States. He's never had any 'down time' with which to reflect on himself. He has become defined by his job, and that isn't something that has been changed by his time with the Company.

Rami is a no-nonsense, detail oriented perfectionist. He craves order and stability and seeks to bring it about with the muzzle of his gun. He is fiercely intelligent, analytical and a very quick thinker. He reads people like books and is especially acute at figuring out peoples' wants and motivations. While in another life this might have been used in counselling or artistic endeavors, he's spent years learning how to use it to manipulate people.

Rami expects perfection of the people he works with as he was taught any sloppiness leads to death. The Evolved are a chaotic influence that need to be brought under control and he will continue to try and fulfill that mission as long as his assignment lasts. The best way to describe him is a very intelligent bulldozer. He ploughs forward, but with carefully considered movements.

The only person Rami has ever made a real connection with is his sister. In many ways he does what he does to protect her. She knows very little about her brother's secret life. Even though they don't see each other much, they remain close.


Rami is a master marksman and skilled at many different types of combat weapons, from the newest and finest in military equipment down to the types of weapons used in the mountains of Afghanistan. He also has experience as a firearms instructor and is a firm, but effective teacher.


November 2008

Nov 16: Spies Like Us, Prospective Pet Parent
Nov 18: Of Footlongs and Terrorists Rami and his partner Guy Mahoney have lunch.
Nov 23: The Plate Spinners Felix and Rami have been acquaintances for years. They meet for, uh, lunch.
Nov 24: Every Confidence No lunch this time. Just tea in the Company breakroom with Mohinder.
Nov 27: The Cat's Cradle Rami is undercover and meets Tamara.
Dec 5th: Undercurrents Rami runs into Tamara again, but perhaps more significantly, a cop with dogs who find his concealed weapon. Things get a bit…tense.
Dec 6th: Knock Knock The badass multiracial mafia comes for Magnes and then later, in Lollerskates he's interviewed and gives up the source of his power.
Dec 16th: Like Brother, Like Sister Rami catches up with his sister Nalani. They banter over dinner.
Dec 18th: Shifting Winds Rami comes to bring coffee to his sister while she's on a shoot. There he runs into the familiar and enigmatic Tamara once again, and Magnes calls him Wolverine. Because, you know, he's short, foul mouthed and Canadian.
Dec 24th: Different Kind of Christmas Dinner Rami, Nalani and Mohinder eat a Christmas Eve dinner of curry.
Dec 29th: Lunchtime Interruptions Rami has another run-in with the enigmatic Tamara and meets a flying woman named Maria
Jan 1st: Trust the Illusion and trust that Tamara really is a precog and not simply crazy.

Memorable Quotes:

"It's a hazard of the job. You see very few rings on the fingers of senior agents, and even fewer that remain longer than a handful of years. It's understandable. When it is your job to be guarded, to put up barriers. Well. It doesn't precisely say 'emotionally present.'"

"Those who wish to live their lives are of course, not the problem. But as always, the vocal minority are the ones most heard. And the ones that the rest of the population look to for representations of the Evolved. So we have a problem there. The average person only hears reports of this mayhem. This death of children. Bombings. Murders. The ones who do this not only damage society, but their own reputations as well. They must be brought under control, as much for their own sakes and ours, as for the sake of their fellow Evolved."

Trivia and Notes:

The new recruits, either in the CIA or the Company, tend to imagine they're the first ones to ever think of calling him 'Bollywood.' He has, over the years, made it a point to exact creative revenge on anyone who does, to the point where there's years worth of greenhorns with their own so-called 'Bollywood Story.' These revenge tactics are more inconveniencing pranks than anything. But there is a rumour that he once failed the firearms certification for a certain uppity junior CIA agent who wouldn't stop making off-colour remarks.


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