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Name Rebel Aliases R.Ajas
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Technopathy
Gender Male Race/Eth. Inapplicable
Birthdate Inapplicable Age Inapplicable
Height Inapplicable Build Inapplicable
Eyes Inapplicable Hair Inapplicable
Residence Electronic Devices
Employment None
Parents Inapplicable Siblings Inapplicable
Marital Status Inapplicable Children Inapplicable
First Seen A Virtual Thermopylae Last Seen The Second Sun
Profile Rebel is the name chosen by a gestalt entity comprised of the remains of three bodiless technopaths; R.Ajas, T.Monk and The Behemoth. In an attempt to prevent the Institute from gaining control of a Company satellite for their own ends, the technopaths were attacked by a virus designed to kill their kind. What little of them survived the aftermath, cannot be called Rebel anymore…
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