Reuben Spencer

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Name Reuben Einar Spencer Aliases
Status Registered Evolved Ability
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian / Jive Turkey
Birthdate February 14th, 1983 / "If You Can't Get Laid, You're a Loser" Day Age 27 Human Years / 189 Dog Years
Height 5'9" / 175 cm Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Brown with Highlights
Residence Aigberth Arms in Queens, New York
Employment Studio K Syndicated Radio
Parents Scott Spencer (father)
Marisol Spencer (mother)
Siblings None / Only the ones he made up to get out of work when they "died."
Marital Status Single Children None / Lord Willing
First Seen My Signing Bonus Last Seen
Profile The radio host and main personality behind the "Revolting Rooster and Friends" radio show produced by Kristen Reynolds.
Reuben Spencer
portrayed by

Johnny Depp



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