Roderick Tobias Sweeney

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Name Roderick Tobias Sweeney Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Precognition
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate March 31, 1980 Age 30
Height 5'7" Build Trim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Dorchester Towers
Employment Linderman Group
Parents Ingrid Sweeney (Dead)
Mathias Sweeney
Siblings One older sibling
One younger sibling
Lottie Sweeney
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Beware The Ides Of March Last Seen
Profile A thief turned hired gun, but that is not all, Roderick Sweeney is a precog with an affinity to painting. Hired by Linderman, this former thief, sells his paintings to his boss for a little extra cash, tho… occasionally a painting slips to someone else for the right price.
Roderick Tobias Sweeney
portrayed by

Dominic Monaghan

"Happiness for me is paintin'. Pickin' up my paintbrush, loading it with colour, and puttin' it to canvas. Oh, let me tell you, that is a moment of creation, as I give birth to images in my head. There is no better feeling then watching that simple smear of color slowly become something of absolute beauty.

"Well, unless you black out in the middle of it and wake up to something completely different. Then it's like someone slipping a roofie into your Guiness and you waking up the next mornin' knowin' you had a shag, but didn't get to participate."


Scheduling Notice

Do to some issues in real life, I have to limit my RP. This is my schedule.
Monday - Wednesday Ask. If I can't be there, I'll let you know. It's tough to plan things these days, but if you want to try, I'm willing too. Just be prepared for me to duck out last minute if the spouse wants to take me the movies.
Thursday-Sunday I should be available to RP on these days. Except for some RL stuff that will come up… life B-days, school stuff… ect.



Scene Logs and More:

Character Logs

Roderick's Drabbles



He's not a dead on shot, never trained as sniper, but he does know how to shoot hand guns and shot guns. He'll never really hit dead center all the time, but he'll his target in the general area. He's even played around with rifles and other types of weapons as well. He's also not too horrible with a knife in his hand either.


linderman_icon.gif Daniel Linderman - The Boss - This is the man who got me out of jail, offered me a steady job, and money for the strange paintings I produce. It's a pretty alright job, lots of benefits. Also good for healing, if things get really bad. Been loyal to him for a long time. But he's an old lion and those teeth are gettin' kinda dull. How long before the stronger lions come along?
kain2_icon.gif Kain Zarek - Kainy Boy - Do I trust him? About as much as anyone else. He's one of my mates at work, though that wouldn't keep us from putting a bullet into each other if the circumstances are right. I like him well enough and our association is one of tolerance or… seems like it. I dunno, I got his back tho'. He also seems to be the young lion comin' around to sniff at the Old lion's territory. This will be interesting.
ina_icon.gif Ina Anderson - She's a rather pretty bird. Fun to be around, not sure she's my type for a shag or nothin'. Though her devious ways are kind of hot. I've had her blood on my hands once holding a gunshot wound and painted her death. Kind of disconcerting that.
nicole2_icon.gif Nicole Nichols - Nicky - I like her… just don't tell her that. I mean not in a… I'd shag her way, but she's a funny little thing. Though I could really do without her getting in my way when I find some pretty thing to talk too.
logan_icon.gif John Logan - Both of us hail from over the pond, he's the prim and clean cut pimp to my scruffy rocker. Alright sort, but he's so bloody serious… but then there are a lot of serious blokes in this group… I feel like an odd man out.
kelly_icon.gif Kelly Reynolds - A new Lindergoon. Seems alright, dunno what to really think of her yet. Seems the deadly sort, probably another one to do some of the dirty work.



Scene: Beware The Ides Of March

Owner: Kain Zarek

Based On: Vincenzo Camuccini, the Ides of March

"Well, well… Seems there are some rather naughty wankers looking to off my current source of employment. Oh and look it there, I believe there are some of my mates there. This could either go very well for me, or very bad. How about you? What do you see?"

Roddy's Sketchbook

CartoonyRoderick.jpg This is just a dumping place for all the sketches that get developed over time during Roderick RP. The can be stupid or amusing. But it's too fun not to toss up here. This is not an ICly known this. If he has one it's well hidden away from prying eyes.

RP Hooks

  • Roderick is an artist. He has a love for the work of the old masters.
  • He works for Linderman, what he doesn't isn't always good.
  • A precog and a registered one at that.
  • All in all, he's still a criminal.


Ferryman Company Fugitive Terrorist
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