Rue Lancaster

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Name February Marlene Lancaster Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Limited Telepathy None
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate February 29, 1988 Age 23
Height 5'11" Build Lean
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Siann Hall #302, Bannerman's Castle
Employment Part-Time Model, Full-Time Terrorist Freedom Fighter
Parents John and Kathy Lancaster
Adrianne Lancaster ("Aunt")
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Ghost Whisperer Last Seen

Rue is a seemingly normal girl with a dark secret. She can see dead invisible people. Well, person. Her Phasers, like her best friend Samara, to be exact.

Need part-time help? Rue probably needs a job. Looking for a poster girl or window dressing? She'll cover that, too! Ferryman, outgoing, enjoys long walks on the beach and comic books.

Rue Lancaster
portrayed by

Lily Cole


Maybe I can be like Oracle or something. You ever read Batman? Does Batman still exist?
I swear to God, I will fuck something up if Batman doesn't exist in the future.


Date Title Participants Storyline
03/01 How Hard Can It Be? Mrs. Caliban and Jaiden
03/14 A Little Out There Auntie Adrianne
03/20 Radio, Tower Nora
03/21 The Scoobies Reconvene Delilah, Delia, Elaine, Kendall, Quinnie, Raith, and Sable Liberty or Death
03/22 People Who Are Into The Macabre Mister Filatov and Delia
03/23 How to Really Get Freaky Zappy Lady, Samaritan, Nora, Raquelle, Toby, Negator?, and Rich Lady
03/28 Gauge With Glamour Raith
04/01 Oh. My. God. Didi
04/05 Not Harder, But Smarter Raith
04/07 School Dance Awkward Ms Rowan and Quinnie
04/08 The Dying Swan Quinnie
Exodus 21.23-24 Barbara, Benji, Ms Chesterfield, Ms Ruskin, Monsieur Allègre,
Huruma, Nora, Raith, and Mister Ryans
Liberty or Death
04/09 God Bless Pastor Sumter and Yggy Pop
04/16 Properly Yggy Pop
04/19 A Place in the Sun for Anyone Jiji
04/21 Never Easier Barbara, Liza, and Nora
Ratios and Addition Nora Woven Worlds
04/26 Caulksuckers Huruma and Liza
04/30 Closer Than They Aren't Mrs. Caliban, Jiji, Ms Chesterfield, Ms Ruskin, Hannah,
Huruma, Pastor Sumter, Megan, Mister Ruskin, Nora, and Mister Ryans
Woven Worlds
05/04 Thank You and Goodnight Monsieur Allègre, Huruma, and Liza Liberty or Death
05/10 Don't You Think She Looks Tired? Barbara Woven Worlds
05/11 Kinda Sick Bestie-From-The-Future Nora Woven Worlds
Hi-Ho Silver Quinnie
05/12 FML Auntie Adrianne
06/14 Time, Fate, or Whatever Ms Chesterfield, Monsieur Allègre, Ms Rowan, Raith, and Mister Lazzaro Woven Worlds
07/25 Another Way to Die Nora
08/03 Just This One Last Time Quinnie Woven Worlds


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