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Name Benjamin Allen Ryans Aliases Richard Blaine
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 21, 1952 Age 59 (Physically: 39)
Height 6'4" Build Fit
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Pollepel Island
Employment Director of Fort Hero Branch of the Company
Co-Head of the _ferrymen's Special Activities
Parents Markus and Helen Ryans Siblings Two Brothers (Adoptable?)
One Sister (Adoptable?)
Marital Status Engaged (Nicole) It's Complicated!
Widowed (Mary Ryans)
Children Bradley Russo (alive)
Lucille Ryans (alive)
Delia Ryans (alive)
Ingrid Ryans (Future BB|alive)
Oops Baby makes #5 FML
First Seen You Got The Wrong Person Last Seen TBD
Profile Benjamin Ryans is an old man with the body of one twenty years younger. He is a man who has always prided himself in the work he did for the Company; even receiving the title of Assistant-Director. With its fall, Ben is now a man wanted by the government; because, he is, now and forever, a man who will try his damnedest to do the right thing, even if it means doing some very questionable things. Even turning to help to the ones he once hunted. One day this old lion will snap back again, till then, he will lay low and lick his wounds.
Benjamin Allen Ryans
portrayed by

Liam Neeson

"Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" - UDT/SEAL Motto



My life is Strange and Hectic. BUT… Call me maybe?
Reach out to me anytime if you want/need a scene. My life is unpredictable; but, if I know when I am needed, I can try to schedule around it. I am very willing to do a scene on the MUX (with plenty of time) or through GoogleDocs. Do note that until May 2018, week day, in-game RP will be difficult.

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Scene Logs and More:

Character Logs

Ryans' Drabbles


Loyal Company Man

Ryans has nearly thirty years of experience with the Company having been recruited two years after the organization was founded. This means that he is very familiar with all but the most recent procedures and protocols. His specialty in the field was bagging and tagging.


Benjamin has a rather large relationships section. So be warned it can get spammy.


The Bad Ass Bucket List


Memorable Quotes & Moments

  • Benjamin Ryans, the normally stony man, is laughing. Free from the confines of the helmet, it is a very real, very deep sound; not the small chuckles or huffs of amusement. Real, honest to goodness, laughter. “Hot Damn,” he whoops out around the laughter, thrusting his hand - with the helmet still clutched in it - into the air. - During power armor training. A rare side of Ryans. (Don't Underestimate the Power of Morale)
  • “Harper… you son of a bitch, ” There is a predatory growl to his voice, as their helmets bump together, Ryan’s arm tightening behind the other man’s neck. Fingers grasping at the armor to keep him there as he lets the momentum carry them. They are close enough that Ryans can see his own reflection in that black visor. He can’t see Harper, but the man behind the visor can see that emptiness that comes from someone who has taken too many lives. A man who is not afraid to face his own mortality for the right cause. “I’ll hope I get to see you in hell.” There might only be a split second for Harper to feel the barrel of the gun — in that area, right around where his head is attached to his neck — before Ryans is pulling the trigger. - In a confrontation with Harper (Ouroboros, part II)
  • "I'm not playing a game with you, Nicole. She might have pulled me out of the dark hole that Mary's death put me in, showed me I was still alive. You've been my hope, that maybe, just maybe my heart didn't get buried with her, too. For the first time in a long time, I've actually looked beyond one day at a time. It took a little help from our grandson and our daughter, but I have." - Said to Nicole (I Should Tell You)
  • "In the past few months, I have been around some amazing people, Darryl. You number among them." Ryans offers him a small smile. "Your a good man, and I am better for knowing you." - Said to Darryl (To The Source, Part II)
  • «Sorry Mary. God has a cruel sense of humor.» - Ryans' thoughts about living through the fall from the dam. (Sorry Mary)
  • "The fact that Lemay is involved bothers me." His head shifts side to side slowly. "Too many old agents are looking at the Company like a dying animal to be circled, waiting for their chance for a piece of it." - To Balfour (Falling Down)
  • "Just remember no matter how tarnished a coin may seem, it has two sides, but for the moment we will agree to disagree." - to Rebel when talking about the Company. (Walls)
  • "Being a hero is not something you aspire too.. it's something that happens." -Said to Magnes. (Too Personal For Strangers)

The Ride - Gone Forever


The Armored SUV
AKA: Ryans' Baby

This is Ryans' new and favorite toy. Assigned to him by Martin Crowley after two SUV's were destroyed. For the record it wasn't he fault both times, so obviously it's proof against the females in his life cause it was both woman that wreak his car. Of course, we're not counting every car he's ever had… ever! He's been an agent for 30 years, he's had to have trashed a few. Anyone who wish to try and drive this vehicle will get a glare and a firm, "No."

Ryans has been quoted as saying:

"Damn, I love this car."

Introduced: High Value Target, Part II

Described as: The black SUV that has become agent Benjamin Ryans' new vehicle was specifically assigned by Martin Crowley during his last stint as assistant director. The brush-bar on the front of the rugged vehicle, off-road tires and bullet-proof design may make it a heavy, gas-guzzling behemoth on the road, but it is also going to cost less to the Company in the long run than replacing every single sedan that he trashes in the line of duty.

Current Status : Calvin be jacking that ride. Ryans still misses it.

RP Hooks

Ryans has been with the company for almost 30 years. He retired after Midtown. He has been with them since shortly after the organizations founding. This can mean many things.

  • Were you a company agent before Midtown? He might have trained you or you might know him.
  • Were your parents agents? He might have known them.
  • Were you/loved one/family in Level 5? He might have been the one that put you there or you might have seen him on the other side of the glass.
  • Were you bagged and tagged? He might look familiar.

Some more general hooks

  • He's a drinker. Not unusual to find him at a pub or bar.
  • He's pro-Registration and for the most part pro-evolved. Though he thinks many are getting rather cocky and a bit too bold.
  • He also sees FRONTLINE as a potential good thing as long as the government doesn't mess it up. Yeah… no. Screw that.

Trivia and Notes

  • He recently lost his left had in a confrontation with FRONTLINE members.
  • A good sign that Ryans is getting pissed off or upset is that he cusses. Normally he doesn't, but if he's upset…. he can end up cussing like the sailor he use to be.
  • During his first Bag and Tag case since coming back, Ryans was given a new life when Albert Winslow gave up his own life and gave the Company agent 20 years back. Ryans looks like a man on the verge of 40, not a man bordering on 60.
  • Holy Crap!!! Ryans helped hijack a shuttle and went into space!!! I am serious!
  • He hated retired life… so boring! Thank god he is back!
  • Ryans came about after watching 'Taken' for the first time. If you haven't seen this? DO IT! Like NOW! It's totally Ryans the movie.
  • I could have sworn that the character's name came about, after finding Ryans on a surname list. However, Liam Neeson made a movie called "Before and After" back in 1996. The character he played was Ben Ryan. This is probably where I got it. ;) I totally don't remember.
  • The player totally owns an action figure for Ryans… True story!
  • Parts of Ryan's background prior to the Company is very loosely based on the experiences of the player's grandfather. He often shared them around the dinner table. May he rest in peace. <3


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Ryans looks a lot younger then his actual age all in thanks to an Age-Manipulator.

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