Raven "Sable" Diego

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Name Raven Diego Aliases Sable
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Reactive Reflexes
(officially recorded as 'enhanced musical ability')
Gender Female Race/Eth. White/Hispanic(?)
Birthdate November 5, 1990 Age 20
Height 5'1" Build Slim
Eyes Yellow Hair Dark Brown/Black
Residence Eltingville Blocks - Trafford Residence, 12 Holly Avenue
Employment Musician
Formerly record store clerk in Greenwich Village
Process Server (PENDING)
The Ferrymen - Jack of a Couple Trades
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Living in sin with Delilah Trafford Children None
First Seen Lighting the Flame Last Seen N/A

An acerbic, pugnacious and contrary young runaway with a talent for playing the guitar. She survives on her wits and her luck, not necessarily in equal proportions.

Sable needs little excuse to harass anyone, and little reason to have wandered where she's wandered in a given day. She's available to scene with more or less anyone, chance-encounter-wise. Music is, of course, her most prominent hook, as well as her work, either as a process server or in her various errands for the Ferry.

Raven "Sable" Diego
portrayed by

Yulia Volkova


We tried to speak between lines of oration
You could only repeat what we told you.
Your axe belongs to a dying nation,
They don't know that we own you.
You're watching movies trying to find the feelers,
You only see what we show you.
We're the slaves of the phony leaders
Breathe the air we have blown you.
- The Punk and the Godfather, The Who

All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
and everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
- Eclipse, Pink Floyd

And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.
- The End, The Beatles

The Ongoing Saga - Compiled Logs of Sable

Can You See the Real Me?
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Sable's sense of attachment tends to manifest in outlier cases - she dedicates herself fiercely to some certain few while pushing others into the mental sidelines. The specific psychological reasons for this tendency are the usual, banal ones, but result is a number of relations delineated along strange and often stark lines. Presented here is a simplified and incomplete list of Sable's relationships, taken from her own somewhat unhinged perspective.

Prog Rocker

Sable's enduring passion is for music. And not just for music, but for a certain era's style and attitude about music and musicians. To her, the perfect mix of brilliance, success and (never forget) fame was embodied in bands such as The Beatles and The Who, combining artistry with invention with progressive thought with staggering success and true 'rock star' lifestyle. This means that while she's willing to appear and even live like anything from an ascetic to, well, Mick Jagger, it is only life at this volume that can capture her ideal.

This isn't to say it's only the style (and lifestyle) of a Townshend or Lennon she wants to emulate. She has a genuine dedication to rock as a matter of artistic and political expression. Her ideal form of artistry makes progressive rock bands such as King Crimson and Pink Floyd serious musical influences, and her ideal project would be a concept album, ideally topical, treating the issues of the time and (she dares to dream) capturing the Zeitgeist. Ambition, certainly, is not something she lacks. But neither is dedication. She'd be willing to risk death in the inky blackness of space while shooting for the stars.

She has formed a musical alliance with one Magnes J. Varlane (despite his totally square middle initial), who adds his skill on bass and keyboard to her guitar and half-decent vocals. Recently, they have acquired the virtuoso talent of Robyn Quinn, tipping them into true playability (though they still need a drummer).

Sable owns two guitars, each given to her by a different band member. Magnes gave her her first electric guitar, a Rickenbacker 330. Quinn gave her a Ibanez Talman Acoustic-Electric, replacing her old Fender DG-8S Acoustic, Adelaide, which fell to its demise during the city-wide blackout of June 10th, 2010.

Nowhere (Wo)Man

Sable is a runaway, a ward of the state that was passed from foster home to foster home until she ran at around age 15. Life was, predictably, difficult in a way Sable will reference generally, but very rarely describe in real detail. The fact that she turned out to be good enough at living off the grid and getting by on her guts and wits is something she is extremely proud of, but she rarely brags about any specific instance unsolicited. This is less difficult for her than one might imagine; she is very good at favoring the present and the future over the past, in her thoughts.

Since her discovery of music, she has remained so faithful to the cause that she tends to swiftly quit and or manage to get herself fired from the few jobs that are not at music stores. She often has to scrape a half-living by busking with her acoustic guitar, paying for new strings, toothpaste, and foods with long shelf (or, in her case, backpack) life, while lining up at food banks or soup kitchens. Some months are better, some worse, but she's made it from Atlanta, her home town, to New York. As of now she lives with her girlfriend in Eltingville Blocks, less stray than house cat.

Crazy Trainjumper

Sable has a weird affect, and a strange attitude towards life that borders on the pathological. Her obsession with musical success can, at its extremes, verge on obsession or delusion, but it's often hard to tell how serious she's being. Similarly, some of her more bizarre behaviors look somewhat performative, suggesting less genuine craziness, and more like a total lack of shyness and/or tact. The question remains, however, even if her obsessions and weirdnesses are just her acting crazy, how crazy would she have to be to feel she needed to put on that kind of show?

A particular feature of her craziness, voluntary or not, is the tendency to read events and occurrences as signs and portents. Sable's schizotypal tendencies don't tend towards the classically paranoid - she doesn't generally fear persecution or conspiracy. Instead, she insists on seeing connections and significances in the world and its happenings, much as one might interpret the words to a particularly poetic song lyric. Enough time and accrued experience has produced a weird, ad hoc system of divination cum philosophy that makes perfect sense to Sable but doesn't necessarily translate to others. Crucial to note: she doesn't think the events really pertain to her personally, not really. Her delusions of grandeur are not that delusive or grand. She simply uses it as a case-by-case guide when confused or uncertain.

Songs from a Carrion Bird

A musical project in progress.

Sable is fickle and distractible, but also energetic and creative. When she actually sits down to write songs, it's usually done all in one go, in a fit of inspiration. The following are lyrics from her completed works, penned entirely by herself, as opposed to any of the collaborations she has undertaken with her comrades in arms.

Remember This Face!


In Younger Days and Down the Road

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