Sal Silvatti (aka Sonny Bianco)

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Name Salvatore Bianco Aliases Sal Silvatti, Connor Kinney, Reg Cooper
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Physiological Manipulation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Italian
Birthdate November 29, 1979 Age 29
Height 6' Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Black
Residence Solstice Condominiums
Employment The Bianco Clinic
Parents Harry Bianco (father, mayor of NY)
Melinda Bianco (mother, biochemist)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Arts and Crafty Last Seen Imagine All The People

Sal Silvatti's real name is Dr. Sonny Bianco, son of the mayor of New York and Evolved cosmetic surgeon. In recent months, he had spoken up and called for peace between Evolved and non-Evolved. It provoked an attack on his mother and made him a target.

On the night of October 6th, 2009, Sonny Bianco was gunned down by Humanis First

Sal Silvatti (aka Sonny Bianco)
portrayed by

Adrian Grenier (Sonny)/Wes Bentley (Sal)




After the incident with Felix, Sonny decided that it was time to develop an alter ego of his own. The identity ended up being his primary 'mask' that he uses when moving about without being detected. He hasn't made an attempt to establish Reg as a separate person, and hasn't used this identity in some time. (Reg is played by Michael Trucco)


Teo - Their relationship was tumultuous, full of arguments, double-lives, insecurity and infidelity. Despite all that, there were moments of great tenderness, happiness and genuine affection that seemed to balance out all the problems they had. Recently, Teo was possessed by his time-traveling future self. Said self tricked him, disregarded him, delighted in leveling brutal criticism on him and went on a murderous rampage. Sonny can't reconcile the man he thought he loved with that future version. That has lead him to believe he never knew Teo at all, and the man he thought he loved was nothing more than a figment of his imagination and a product of his ability to see the best in Teo, and to ignore his darker impulses. As a result, he ended his relationship with Teo while he was still possessed by his future self. He regrets not being able to speak to the his version of Teo, but obsession over their relationship, agony at being helpless to fix things and a sense that their relationship was doomed anyway forced him to break it off for his own sanity. He has constantly felt in Leonard's shadow, because all of Teo's friends and Leo himself seemed to view him as only a temporary complication, a bump in the road to Leo and Teo getting together. The new merged personality of Teo is someone he can't bring himself to associate with. He is trying to make a break from him, to chart a new course in his life. He still has a lot of conflicted feelings for the charming Italian, and he fears continued association will bring up affection again. Affection that he can't see leading anywhere but to further hurt.
Leonard - Despite their competition for Teo's affection, Leo and Sonny managed to maintain a civil relationship. That is, until Leonard revealed things about future Teo that there was no reason to. Leo told him that he was in a relationship with Teo in the future, and that Ghost's reign of murder and destruction was triggered by grief over his death. Leo did this when Sal called him over to concede gracefully and to step out of the way. Leo's willingness to rub salt in an open wound has completely changed the doctor's opinion of the man. As a result, the only contact the two are likely to have is in the face of a medical emergency.
Abby - Despite their conflicting views on science and religion, Sonny and Abby have come to a mutual respect and understanding over the past few months. He's done what he can to help the former healer. He set her up with a psychiatrist and a publicist. Abby took the proverbial bullet once by pretending to be Sonny's girlfriend to deflect his father. The only hitch (besides the science and faith conflict) is that Abby is among the people who seems to believe Teo and Leo belong together.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "If you're asking me if I've ever changed myself, the answer is yes. But before you judge…imagine that you had the ability to erase everything you don't like about yourself with a thought. Wouldn't you do it?"
  • "I might've gone over the recommended daily intake of shit that will fuck me up." on being drunk, in Gems of Wisdom from the Drunken Sage


Trivia and Notes:

  • Sonny's ability is supposed to be a little creepy, a bit macabre. His ability plays with the line between beauty and deformity. The person he alters has to go through a period of surreal sensations and deformity before coming out the other side. Although the alterations are an Evolved ability, there's still something surgical and scientific about it. The process is very much akin to cosmetic surgery, but with deformity in place of incisions and sutures and with a compressed time line. This balance between the beautiful and the ugly reflects a duality in Sonny himself. Read We Can Rebuild Him for descriptions of what the transformation feels and looks like.


Sonny's themesong:
Grace, Too - The Tragically Hip

Sonny to Teo:
A Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf

Sonny over the Ghost situation:
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing - Chris Isaak

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