Samantha Lee Tanner

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Name Samantha Lee Tanner Aliases Cinderella
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Microwave Generation
Gender Female Race/Eth. American
Birthdate November 12, 1978 Age 32
Height 5'6" Build 155 lbs
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence Homeland Security Detention Facility
Employment Unemployed
Parents Father (deceased); Mother (whereabouts unknown) Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen It's Our Country Last Seen
Profile Sam is an ex-military investigator who has come under the belief that the Evolved plan to infiltrate the government and take control of their lives. She is responsible for Columbia 14, and is — as far as the public is concerned — confined to a high security prison maintained by Homeland Security for dangerous evolved as she awaits her trial. Secretly, she has been enlisted as a member of FRONTLINE-OS.
Samantha Lee Tanner
portrayed by
Beth Riesgraf


Pre-Evolved samantha_icon.gif Post-Evolved samantha2_icon.gif
Date Title Synopsis
August 18 Columbia 14 Sam finally gets taken down, but not before going nuclear at Columbia University.
July 15 It Doesn't Make You A Bad Person... Someone disagrees.
July 7 Am Not One Of You Sam ups the ante by completing a previous HF mission, even though they've abandoned her.
June 18 No More Happy Endings Sam vows a lifetime of retribution for what's happened to her.
June 18 The Abyss Stares Back Humanis First abandons Sam after finding out she's become evolved.
June 5 Walled In Sam becomes what she fights against.
May 25 Playing Well with Others Sam is required to team up with someone for a job for the first time.
April 24 Birds In The Bush A HomeSec raid goes south.
March 25 Superbleeder Sam chats up Riley while picking up a couple new CDs.
March 23 Modern Art Or Not Unknowning they have met before Sam and Laura find themselves chatting at an art gallery.
March 22 Target Sam receives a package.
March 21 Peek-a-boo! I See You! Sam and Laura are trying to work. They don't expect to be interrupted by each other.
March 21 The 37th Sam comes across a shooting at a school.
March 16 Hit Sam adds a second notch.
March 14 The Charming Pizza Pusher Sam delivers a box and meets Magnes. A lesson in charm is shared.
March 13 The Perfect Date Sam accepts the invite by Eliot. The girl is way too easy.
March 9 One Night In Pawn Shop Sam meets up with Carter. Buys a gun. You all have been warned.
March 7 Very Cosmopolitan Sam meets up with Jake, Grace, Zuleyka and Catalina. And there's a bar fight. Sorta..
March 6 Hero Samantha acquires a more public target.
March 4 One Upon A Rapture A delivery to The Rapture has Sam making the acquaintence of Eliot.
March 3 Lioness A chance encounter with Jake ended up with drinks and a tumble in the hay.
March 3 It's Our Country There is trouble on the horizon, and the streets just got a little more safe.. or did they?
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