Satoru Lawrence

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Name Satoru Lawrence Aliases Toru
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Ossification
Gender Male Race/Eth. Japanese/Caucasian
Birthdate August 9 Age 22
Height 5'10" Build Lanky
Eyes Hazel Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Jonathan Lawrence
Yoko Arai-Lawrence
Siblings Kazuo Lawrence (deceased)
Marital Status Unmarried Children N/A
First Seen Is This The Real Life Last Seen N/A
Profile Punk Japanese kid, recently returned to the US from an extended foreign stay. Has old ties to Staten Island and any former Moab inmates, and can potentially be tied into anyone involved with Logan.
Satoru Lawrence
portrayed by
Masanobu Ando



nick_icon.gif Roommate. It's— complicated?
delia_icon.gif Toru cannot qualify his feelings for Delia in words. While initially he didn't think she was anything special, over time he has come to build her up as some sort of bizarre paragon of perfection in his mind. He cares very much about her and doesn't understand why, but is if nothing else glad to have someone who will pay attention to him.
tahir_icon.gif They've never actually met but nonetheless are definitely bros.


Memorable Quotes:

  • Assessing Boxer. "Where the hell are you getting Korean from, are you retarded? You're some kind of like… retarded guy who pretends he can speak English."
  • "And if you call me gay again I'll rip out your eyes and shit on your brain." Satoru is not gay.
  • On his ability: "That's right. I'm Wirriam fucking Warrace. I'm seven feet tall and I shoot fried rice out my eyes and origami out my ass."
  • On how his ability works: "I mean if you wanna get technical there's probably technical shit. Took me a while to figure out how to fix it. I can't fix it if I do it to other people, though. There's.. the list saying how it works is kind of long."
  • "… We're pretty much damned, aren't we?"

Trivia and Notes:

  • His birth name may have been Captain Boner.
  • This is totally the inspiration for the ability and you can only wish I was joking (I totally am not).
  • Lately he's tended to introduce himself with fake names; most commonly Toru Okada and Toru Arai, the latter of which was even published in a newspaper and everything. This has thus far been done impulsively, and he has no ID to back himself up when asked. Tiny badguy, what do you expect.
  • May be less heterosexual than advertised.


  • Satoru has tattoos!
  • A three-leafed clover just below the base of his neck.
  • Badass skeletal wings across the back of his shoulders.


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