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Name Savannah Burton Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 16th, 1978 Age 33
Height 5'5" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment Author of The Amplified Trilogy
Parents Hannah Burton (Mother)
Roger Burton (Father)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Authorian Answers Last Seen N/A
Profile While she's been writing books for almost ten years now, Savannah Burton has recently come into popularity due to a best-selling book series featuring Evolved characters as the protagonists. The series attacks extremists on both sides of the fence and her books are extremely politically driven on top of the fact that they're well-written enough that they're eaten up by the masses, which gives her quite the opportunity to speak her mind.
Savannah Burton
portrayed by

Claire Danes


Savannah's Books

The Amplified
  • Written in the summer of 2006, the first book of The Amplified was published in June of 2007, not too long after the revelation of the Evolved on February 18, 2007, and a month before the Linderman Act which ended up boosting sales. Revelation was a hit and scratched the surface of the idea of people with abilities living among those who didn't.
  • The second book, Reaper, was published December of 2008, around Christmas, and further brought out the idea of the damage extremists from both the Evolved and anti-Evolved could do, especially to the lives of both individuals.
  • The third book, Remnant, was published on the third anniversary of the revelation of the Evolved, February 18th, 2010. It touched on some very anti-Registration sentiments and dealt with how difficult it was to rebuild and restart after catastrophic events caused by both sides.
The Manifested
  • Epoch is the first of a second trilogy set in the world of The Amplified. Savannah doubled up her efforts upon hearing of her impending death. The book, finished shortly after her birthday in January of 2011, has an official release date of April 23rd, 2011. Savannah has read a tiny excerpt spontaneously at an open mic night.
  • The book is set approximately ten years after The Amplified in a time where those who are Amplified are caught up in a war and are actively persecuted. The government is very oppressive and determined to control those with abilities.
  • The book centers around Hailey Greene, 14, and Austin Wright, 15, childhood friends who both end up discovering they have abilities. Hailey exhibits Clairvoyance near the beginning of the novel, while Austin, who has Terrakinesis, doesn't manifest until later.
  • The books themes focus on manifestation in adolescence, as well as tackling ideas of an oppressive government who disappears people to control them, tampers with memories, and holds people against their will. The government in the novel covers their tracks but comes across as very sinister. The two characters with abilities are put through a lot (including some governmental types that are reminiscent of Firefly's Hands of Blue).


Kam Abbot - Savannah's agent, Kam is just about the closest person to Savannah as you can get. They talk regularly, celebrate success, and share in the success of the Amplified. She's quite fond of his accent and more than a bit glad she's moving to New York and gets to spend more time around him. She's just hoping she doesn't annoy him too much.

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