James Silver

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Name James Silver Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasion
Birthdate April 28, 1982 Age 28
Height 5'8" Build 175 lbs
Eyes Blue Hair Sandy Blonde
Residence Brooklyn
Employment Taylor and Reynolds Office of Law
Parents Jeffrey and Gloria Silver Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Switching Sides Last Seen
Profile James Silver, known this his friends as just 'Silver', is a lawyer, only two years out of law school. He currently practices law for a small firm, though he does take some evolved related cases on the side. Formerly engaged to April Bradley who died in June and he's still working to get past that.
James Silver
portrayed by
Aaron Paul


James silver_icon.gif
6/9 Settling Up Daphne comes back to settle her debt with James Silver. He offers more than he intended.
6/8 You Have To Pronounce It Right In a recollection, Cat and Silver remember the first time they met.
6/6 Speed Limits A head on collision is not the way Daphne and Silver should have been introduced.
6/4 Greasing The Legal Wheel After bringing their plea bargain to the judge for his approval, Joanna and James discuss more cases and rebellion.
5/27 Rule 13 Elisabeth meets with Silver about some legal junk.
5/26 Taxi Ride To Normal With power coming back and the temperature rising, Adelaide and Silver share a taxi ride home.
5/23 Switching Sides There's talk of plea bargains and daughters dropping surprises over a semi-balanced meal at the Corinthian, when James bumps into Joanna.
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