Simon Allistair

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Name Simon Allistair Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Superhuman Accuracy
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 28, 1991 Age 18
Height 5'7" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence New York, New York
Employment Unknown
Parents Siblings Mallory Allistair
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Fear No Evil Last Seen Differences Aside
Profile Simon is an 18 year old kid on a quest for self-identity. For the longest time, he believed he knew exactly what he wanted from life. He wanted to join the basketball team, get the respect of his peers, and go to a good university to study mathematical science. His parents blew up, though, and that changed things. Then his school blew up and his life really did a 180. Now he wanders the city, trying to figure out where his life is going and where he fits into the grand scheme of things, if he fits in anywhere at all.
Simon Allistair
portrayed by

Shawn Pyfrom



Date Time Title Participants
6/12 Afternoon Showoff Adam and Simon
6/13 Noon Differences Aside Jase and Simon


mallory_icon.gif Mallory Mallory is Simon's twin sister. They are very close and she is one of the few people that Simon trusts without question these days. In fact, she's one of the few people he trusts at all. They have been through a lot together and Simon has become very protective of her. Though they do not necessarily live close to one another, they keep in constant contact.


Simon enjoys all manners of indie pop, rock, electro and folk music. Anything that will either make him tear up, dance, or go crazy.

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