Skyler Martin

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Name Skyler Elise Martin Aliases None
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Technopathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 18, 1980 Age 30
Height 166cm Build 55 kilos
Eyes Brown Hair Black with Pink accents
Residence Homeless
Employment Self Employed
Parents Henry and Elise Martin Siblings 2 - One younger brother, one older brother.
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen 2010-10-25 Broken Watch Last Seen Found dead in her apartment on or around January 14, 2011
Profile Skyler is (fraudulently) registered as a Tier 0 Evolved.
Gainfully employed by Warren's soon-to-be named faction Page him for the name.
Yesterday's hackers (aughties) might remember the White Rabbit, if the term got bandied about.
Sent the White Rabbit message from Suresh the day of the riots. Page me if you're trying to track the White Rabbit.
Skyler Martin
portrayed by

Neve Campbell

I can fix anything but a broken heart.



** Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering **
Skyler's power made it quite easy for her to understand electronic circuits, which in turn made it easy for her to be the wunderkind in Electronic Engineering. While doing her work in the park, she used this skill every day.

** Bachelor of Science: Information Technology **
(Lots of Graduate school work too). Skyler is an expert at computer networking, operating system theory, security, and programming. With her black hat on, this skill translates to hacking.

** Survival **
Skyler has survived some of the most tumultuous years in American history, and to do this, she has a lot of little skills - making fire, trapping, skinning, and eating rodents, knowledge of the underground tunnels of the city, some basic fighting, con-jobs, buying and selling stolen goods, streetwise, even exchanging intimate favors for necessary things. She could give Survivorman Les Stroud a run for his money, at least in an urban environment like this. (And that mental image of Les and intimate favors? Try not to think about it. >:)

The White Rabbit

During the undergraduate and graduate years, Skyler had, as the saying goes, two lives. One was Skyler Martin, grad school student at a reasonably respectable university. She had a student ID, she went to class … sometimes … she paid her student fees, she helped her roommates throw really legendary geek parties. In the other life, she was the White Rabbit (and that because every possible spelling of Trinity was taken). While the average Joe on the street wouldn't know who she is, and because she wisely didn't sign all her work, the average law enforcement person might not either, in hacker circles, and in net security circles (who were hackers in the aughties) the name White Rabbit might earn some respect. She was known for breaking into computers and taking complete control of them, and especially for her very careful, disciplined recon and analysis of nets before she made her attacks. Some people rush in foolishly, but this was not the White Rabbit's way. Skyler likes to think the White Rabbit thing is behind her now, for the most part. But that tattoo that keeps her from wearing micro-kinis is a reminder of what the addiction was to her.

Update - New White Rabbit sightings:
November 9, 2010, at the onset of the riots, a call went out to anyone the Suresh center phone system knew. In it, a synthetic voice said, "This is the White Rabbit. If you are Evolved, you are in danger. Flee to safety while you can."

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