Sparrow Redhouse

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Name Sparrow Redhouse Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Terrakinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. Native American Indian (Zuni)
Birthdate June 20, 1984 Age 25
Height 5'5" Build 115lbs
Eyes Honey Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Freelance Artist
Parents Mother: 'Luna' Redhouse
Father: Unknown
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Sun and Moon Last Seen N/A
Profile Currently, Sparrow is a freelance artist, who showed up in NYC to gain space in a local gallery for her artwork that has been shown in many areas around the New Mexico area. She's well known in certain artistic communities as being a sculptor of some great talent. She was in town for a few months, then left for almost four, having returned to New Mexico to tend to some business there. She's come back to NYC at the beginning of April 2010, and seems to have made the decision to move to the city and give it a go.
Sparrow Redhouse
portrayed by

Kat Purgal



Dark chocolate hair falls about her face in a straight line down to the middle of her back. Naturally tanned skin shows off her Native roots and competes with the thickly lashed eyes of a smoky honey brown. Those eyes have a certain spark in them, one of deep knowledge and understanding, as well as a bit of mischief. Full lips always seem to be smiling, as if she knows some hidden secret, while a pert nose that sits atop those lips finishes filling out the features that sit within the slightly exotic face. Slim, yet holding obvious curves, her form shows a strength that is often hidden. Arms are long, ending in slim fingers, while legs stretch out to end in average feet. One can generally see a tattoo on one forearm of a pair of tribal-looking birds in black ink. (There's another tattoo on her shoulder of the Zuni Sunface fetish,a symbol of Prosperity and Happiness.)

She's dressed comfortably in a pair of old jeans, faded blue and holy at the knees. They ride low at her hips showing off her trim stomach, soft denim tight across her rear and thighs before loosening to boot cut. With them, she wears a t-shirt and a pair of scuffed worn Docs on her feet.


Sparrow speaks two languages besides English - Spanish and Zuni.


Magnes - After meeting in the middle of battle, the pair met a few times to talk, but it wasn't till after her return from New Mexico that Sparrow let it drop that she found him cute. Things started going well, until he decided to choose his ex over Sparrow. They parted friends, to some degree. With her most recent return, who knows.
Karl - After discovering a few null spots in her apartment, Sparrow went down to discover they were made by this man. Joining him for pizza and a talk, future conversation was promised with an exchange of phone numbers.


March 2011
Date Log Summary Other Participants
24th Meeting Again Sparrow and Dong-Tian meet again in Chinatown after her return to the city. Dong-Tian
28th First Meeting Sparrow goes to confront the man responsible for the null spots in her apartment. Trask


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