Stephanie "Stef" Winters

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Name Stephanie Winters Aliases Gillian Childs
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Superhuman Strength
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate October 29, 1986 Age 23
Height 5'6" Build 135
Eyes Hazel Brown Hair Dyed Black
Residence Staten Island
Employment Shard
Parents George and Peggy Childs, Jeffrey and Alison Winters Siblings Jennifer and Victor Childs, Brian Fulk/Brian Winters
Marital Status Single, but promiscuous Children N/A
First Seen July 23, 2009 Last Seen November 19, 2009
Profile This is Gillian Childs' surviving Clone from the Volume Six finale. She is considered an NPC and will mostly be used for plotty purposes, especially in Shard's plots as his bodyguard/groupie.
Stephanie "Stef" Winters
portrayed by

Sophia Bush


Log Timeline

As this clone acts independently and gains her own unique ties and memories, her logs will be kept in a timeline separate from regular Gillian.

stef_volume07.jpg Born from Gillian Childs, Stef takes on her own identity and personality and tries to forge her own path, even as she discovers she's dying. Working alongside Shard, she fights to protect Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty with all her strength, right up until her last breath.
Date Title Summary Characters
07/23/2009 Checkmate - Fade To Black The end of one era also leads to the birth of something else. Fukton
07/26/2009 Cat Fight Returning to Manhattan for some fun, this Gillian stops in to enjoy a club and dancing, but ends up setting off a jealous girlfriend with a bundle of power. Adelaide, Peyton, Wendy
08/15/2009 Come Down, Shake Down This Gillian turns up having been on Staten Island for a time, and visiting the fights. Things get a little shaky. A lot
For Good Reason When part of the ceiling comes crashing down, Gillian ends up going to the headquarters of a biker gang and gets to know a guy who had been in the ring moments before. Agnes, Shard
08/16/2009 Persistence Even if she's a little different than the source she came from, Gillian is still persistent. She wants to get to know the older man as well as he'll let her. Which isn't well. Shard
May We Live In Interesting Times Because Gillian certainly does. In this scene, she begins to think of herself as an individual. The name Stef comes up. Agnes, Cardinal, Shard
08/22/2009 Save Staten Shard wants to save Staten Island through a campaign, including internet videos. Agnes, Devi, Shard, Thalia
08/27/2009 A Fist In The Air Shard isn't the only one trying to rally people to save Staten. Whose side is right? A Lot
Whipped Aftermath. More people find out Stef is a clone. Claire, Magnes, Shard
09/11/2009 A Moment Of Silence A Lot
10/07/2009 A Touch Shard
10/12/2009 Go Fish Canfield, Shard
10/16/2009 The Shipment A Lot
10/17/2009 Nothing Is Wrong With My Power Aaron
Us Against Them Shard
10/23/2009 Here Today Aaron, Gillian
10/29/2009 Gone Tomorrow Aaron
11/01/2009 Forgive, But Never Forget Gillian
11/19/2009 From Such Great Heights, Part I Gabriel, Knox, West
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