Charlotte Stephanie "Steve" Caiati

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Name Charlotte Stephanie Caiati Aliases Nicole Nichols
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 24, 1981 Age 27
Height 5'7" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Former Scheduling Coordinator to Senator Rickham
Parents Cecila and Chance Caiati Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen On Danger, Visiting Dignitaries, and Lunch Last Seen Orange
Profile A member of the Democratic Presidential campaign, Steve is all but glued to President Elect Rickham, serving as part personal assistant, part walking schedule book.
Charlotte Stephanie "Steve" Caiati
portrayed by

Winona Ryder


Crackberry Calendar:

When What Who
December 6, 2008 On Danger, Visiting Dignitaries, and Lunch Laura Morgan
December 12, 2008 Prelude to Disaster Allen and Sylar
January 2, 2009 Be Honest Allen
January 25, 2009 Far to Fall Allen
February 10, 2009 Orange Colette Nichols

Things Remembered:

  • "You're back. You're alive. You're in one piece. Seeing you whole could not wait until morning." — On Allen's safe return.
  • "We worked so hard. We made you president." — On Allen's decision to leave and relinquish the presidency to Nathan Petrelli.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Frequently volunteers her time and efforts to the campaign against drunk driving, as her parents were killed by a drunk driver in 2003.
  • Camera shy to an extreme, Steve feels most at home behind the lens of a camera, rather than in front of it. She hopes that being a shutterbug will spare her from having her photo taken. She's quite vocal about not wanting to be in photographs when she must.
  • All but married to her affectionately dubbed Crackberry.
  • Rarely seen in public without large, round sunglasses to obscure her face.
  • Is never without her diamond bracelet.
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