Susan Ball

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Name Susan Ball Aliases None
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Persuasion
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; Irish-American
Birthdate Unknown Age 30
Height 5'10" Build Willowy
Eyes Brown Hair Red
Residence Unknown
Employment Administrative Assistant
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Parents Anna Stephens-Walsh †
Daniel Walsh (estranged)
Siblings Montgomery Walsh †
Marital Status Married to Jacob Ball Children Unknown
First Seen Whatever Cost Last Seen
Profile Susan Ball is a Ferry operative whose role with the organization is closely tied to her job at the local offices for the Federal Bureau of Investigations where she works as an administrative assistant and uses her access to the database to assist the network in its endeavors. She is openly distrustful of some operatives who were broken out of Moab, believing that their involvement in aggressive organizations like _pariah makes them deserving of imprisonment, as well as former members of the Vanguard who were brought over after its fall. She has a small but growing entourage of followers who believe the same.
Susan Ball
portrayed by
Deanna Miller
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Susan Ball is a staff-controlled NPC. Please contact Ellis for details.


April, 2010
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22nd Whatever Cost Bennet, Cat, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Jonas, Joseph, Melissa, Raith, Rourke and Scott
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