Tahir Avery Dunham

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Name Tahir Avery Dunham Aliases [Redacted]
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Ycleptic Persuasion
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate November 16th Age 26
Height 6' 2" Build Yum
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Dorchester Towers, New York City
Employment Up All Night with Tahir Avery Dunham. Live from Studio K.
Parents Christopher Dunham, Father
Jane Dunham, Mother
Siblings Samara Dunham, Sister
Adisa Dunham, Sister
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Seen Weird Reunion Last Seen
Profile Older brother of Samara and Adisa. He is also the host of Studio K's foray into the late night talk show bracket: Up All Night, Tahir Avery Dunham is looking to take the entertainment world for the ride of its life. Buckle Up. Chances are, he may be one of the most famous Evolved individuals to hit the mainstream and he loves every second of it.
Tahir Avery Dunham
portrayed by

Chad Michael Murray

"I am always looking for meaningful one night stands."Dudley Moore


RP Hooks

  • Family Matters: Friends of the Dunham Family will know all about Tahir Avery Dunham. So anybody that may have history with Samara or Adisa will more than likely also have some history with Tahir. He was very much the overprotective older brother. Which means that if you tried to date either of his sisters when he was around, you probably got punched in the face by Jock Tahir.
  • That's Entertainment!: Tahir Avery Dunham is the new kid on the block in the Entertainment World here in New York. He's the host if Studio K's Up All Night with Tahir Avery Dunham and he's been seen in a few commercials and a couple of extra roles before that. He often attends Hollywood parties and events, alone. Though, he tends to leave with women on his arms. And trailing behind him…
  • Guest Who: Up All Night with Tahir Avery Dunham will be an IC talk show that PCs can participate in on a regular basis. It will likely be a +Event and such, so Guests will always be needed. Also, I wouldn't mind having Cast and Crew members around in some capacity, if anyone is looking for an automatic 'in'. More details as the show develops.
  • In The Army Now: Tahir spent a few years in the military so there are people that can know him from those days. Details can be hashed out with interested parties. He also has spent a lot of time overseas during his Army days and thus may know some people or be recognized by those that are from across the water.
  • The League of Evil Exes: There's no getting around it. Tahir is a womanizer. Which means that he probably has broken some hearts and pissed off some females in his years on this Earth. How much would it suck if they were in New York?
  • Jeri Maguire: Tahir Avery Dunham needs an agent. A hot agent. With measurements beyond the scope of measuring. Interested? I know I am.


Tahir is an above average combatant that's well versed in hand-to-hand and unarmed combat. He is well trained and above averaged rated in all Army basic training and military foundations, which gives him a well versed background in military procedures, functionality and an overall beyond average knowledge of how things work from a military standpoint.


That's So Tahir



Amy Acker as… Kristen Reynolds

Francoise Boufhal as… Model Chick (Brunette)

Lily Cole as… Rue Lancaster

Bradly Cooper as… Brad Russo

Miley Cyrus as… Adisa Dunham

Tami Donaldson as… Bartender Chick (The Deck)

Patrick Flueger as… Kincaid August

Megan Fox as… Thalia Ashford

Jordan Hinson as… Tess Winslow

Mandy Moore as… Hortense Tennebaum

Sean Paul as… Smoov

Ryan Phillippe as… Brian Fulk

Emma Roberts as… Samara Dunham

Julia Roberts as… Jane Dunham

Olivia Wilde as… Lucille Ryans

Treat Williams as… Christopher Dunham




Date Log Synopsis Casting Call
4/4 Brother & Sister Tahir gets Adisa'd. Lame. Adisa, Tahir
4/10 No Justin Bieber Experience Tahir gets a re-date. It doesn't go as planned. As usual. Hortense, Tahir


  • Tahir has an unhealthy fondness for Skittles. Taste the Rainbow.
  • Tahir has a tendency to act "Black", more or less, when he gets drunk. Word.
  • Tahir's anti-drug: Bitches.
  • Tahir may or may not be addicted to Sex.
  • Tahir exhibits all the traits of a bonafide Pool Shark. Beware.
  • Tahir is deadly combination of Zack Morris, Ferris Bueller and Parker Lewis.
  • Tahir's favorite cereal in the whole wide universe is: Crunch Berries.
  • Tahir has mastered and memorized something very important in his life.
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