Tamara Brooks

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Name Tamara Brooks Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Precognition
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate March 4, 1990 Age 21
Height 5' 7" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence unknown
Employment none
Parents birth parents deceased
Judah Demsky, unofficial guardian, deceased
Siblings brother, deceased
Kathleen Brooks
Marital Status confusing
(relationship with Colette Nichols-Demsky and secondhand with Tasha Renard)
First Seen It Starts With a Flower Last Seen Quietus II

Tamara has a habit of bewildering other people when she talks… yet shows glimpses of insight as well as madness. She shows up at unexpected times and in unexpected places; can go anywhere and interact with almost anyone.

Book Two page: Tamara

Tamara Brooks
portrayed by
Rachel Hurd-Wood

The present moment comes to us through unnoticed actions of the past — too many to count, mostly unknown and unnoticed, and sometimes unavoidably terrible.

We give ourselves up to the future one drop of blood at a time, whether we choose to do it or not.

This is the truth, little though we can endure it.

Laurie J. Marks, Water Logic, p. 329


Significant Possessions

Trivia and Notes

  • I am more than happy to contribute Tamara towards any plot or character development. She doesn't need to have ever met your character — and they don't have to be a 'good' character, either. Tamara is a wild card; she takes the long view, and cares most about the end result, not what she has to do to get there.
  • Tamara has a strong dislike for hospitals, doctors of any flavor, and the color white. She has very few other likes or dislikes of any sort.



Tamara's mental paradigm is framed in metaphors, abstractions, and representations. As symbols are malleable and can take on innumerable permutations, this grants her the adaptability necessary for managing the chaotic information overload that is her power; however, as a side effect, trying to describe what she perceives perplexes the heck out of people who operate with defined, specific, and unchanging terminology. Which is most of them.

There is an internal logic to Tamara's symbolism, and anyone who interacts with her enough will notice that she habitually hangs specific symbols on specific people. These include:

bluebird Teo and Ghost, along with Teo's pet bird Pila
caterpillar Felix as Dantes
(old) eagle Broome
ferret Sable
flutterby Felix after his time as Dantes
kitty Colette
mirror Tamara herself, her mind, or her ability
owl Cardinal
raccoon Bella
shadow-owl Tyler/!Cardinal
swan Tasha
sword Hiro
"the boy" Rhys
wolf Kazimir


Judah has the dubious honor of being Tamara's unofficial guardian, understands her perhaps as well as anyone can, and can always be counted upon to provide her with the sanctuary she needs. That she's saved his life more than once — most particularly, went to considerable effort to get him out from under the Bomb — no doubt counts for a lot.
Colette has taken upon herself the responsibility of being Tamara's anchor, friend and support and grounding influence against the drowning torrents of possibility. It's true that Tamara loves her, though perhaps not quite in the manner Colette would wish… and for all the sybil's ability, she cannot (or will not) shield Colette from all harm, which has made for some distinct disappointments.
Tasha figures prominently in Colette's futures, thus Tamara accepts her as part of their family. She's still waiting for Tasha to comprehend how that works.
Felix shows up often in Judah's orbit, and might as well be an uncle (or something) to their little atypical family unit.
Misty is a tan-eared, curly-tailed, and voiceless she-dog, adopted as a puppy in May 2010. In the care of Tasha as of Tamara's abduction in Nov 2010.

Log Icons

Flashback Present Day Present (not used) Bright Future 2017
bright future


  • October 2005: Tamara's power begins to manifest.
  • November 2005: Choosing to embrace her ability in full, Tamara runs away from home, the better to keep people from "helping" her.
11/03/05 Sharp Teeth A woman is sent back in time to assassinate the nascent sybil. Linda, Tamara
False Teeth Other time-travelers are sent to save her. Judah, Linda, Tamara, Tasha, Ygraine
  • November 7th, 2006: Kathleen receives a cryptic letter containing an address in Harlem.
  • November 8th, 2006: Following the instructions in the letter, Kathleen meets up with Tamara and Judah; thus, they all survive the explosion. Tamara's parents and elder brother perish.
Book One — String Theory
Volume I: Ascent
08/13/08 It Starts with a Flower MacKenzie receives flowers and advice. MacKenzie, Tamara
08/21/08 Once Upon a Midnight Confusing Jessica helps Tamara, and gets confusion in return. Jessica, Tamara
What the Mirror Holds The price of being a good Samaritan: belligerent cops. Or at least one of them. Jessica, Judah, Kaydence, Tamara
08/27/08 A Good Thing Tamara shows up out of nowhere and shares Chinese with Colette. Colette, Tamara
08/28/08 Collision Colette apparently can't stay out of trouble for one day. Colette, Jacob, Tamara
09/03/08 I Need Help Tamara pays Peter a visit and shares some advice. Peter, Tamara
09/03/08 Point of No Return Tamara's ability is revealed for what it is. Colette, Tamara
This is My Friend If Tamara remains a mystery, at least they can agree to get along. Colette, Tamara
09/15/08 Are You Sure? The cops catch up with the girls. Fortunately, these particular two listen first. Colette, Judah, Kaydence Lee, Tamara
09/23/08 Mud Some people are just easier to talk to than others. Helena, Tamara
Volume II: Divisions
10/04/08 To Fool an Inquisition Tamara strikes a deal with one version of the devil. Amato, Kazimir, Munin, Tamara
10/05/08 A Poisoned Morsel Another decides she's too risky a prospect. Sylar, Tamara
10/15/08 Are You...? Kent asks an open-ended question; gets an open-ended response. Kent, Tamara
10/16/08 Lucidity Kazimir has a chance to question the sybil and get a straight, sane, sensible answer. He totally misses it. Kazimir, Tamara
10/18/08 We'll Be Okay Tamara does the unusual and visits Judah in the hospital. Felix is introduced to Judah's unofficial ward in the process. Colette, Felix, Judah, Tamara
10/22/08 Normality Tamara pays Colette and Felix a visit. There's some attempt to pretend everything is normal. Colette, Felix, Tamara
10/24/08 Of Stars, Strays and Quadruplets A chance encounter, and discussion of stars. Brian, Josh, Tamara, Ygraine
Pestilence The devil comes to claim his due — and winds up indebted to Tamara. Kazimir, Tamara
10/25/08 Through a Mirror Darkly Turns out Colette and Ygraine have an(other) acquaintance in common. Colette, Felix, Tamara, Ygraine
Ghosts The first solid step on the road to understanding… Colette, Tamara
10/26/08 Sister …leads to more questions that aren't easily answered. Colette, Tamara
10/27/08 Fingerpainted Memories A casual encounter on the rooftop, with paint. Colette, Felix, Tamara
10/29/08 Guardian Angel A wounded Felix is seen to. Colette, Felix, Tamara
10/31/08 A birthday gift is given. (offscreen)
Volume III: A Collective Fear
11/16/08 Echoes of Fire Presaging disaster; then it arrives. Colette, Felix, Judah, Tamara
11/21/08 Nines, Zeroes, and Newspapers Tamara owes Mohinder lunch. Or something like that. Mohinder, Tamara, Teo
11/26/08 Home-Hunting Three friends get advice on an apartment from an unlikely source. Abby, Alexander, Tamara, Teo
11/27/08 The Cat's Cradle Tamara chitchats with an agent. Rami, Tamara
11/30/08 Colin Farrell Can Probably Skate Tam brings Abigail coffee and laughs at Hagan. Abby, Hagan, Pam, Tamara, Teo
12/05/08 Undercurrents Bolivar and Rami circle; Tamara watches. Bolivar, Rami, Tamara
12/10/08 There Was No Meeting Judah gets a phonecall. Tamara just delivers the phone. Judah, Kathleen, Tamara
12/18/08 Shifting Winds Tamara is not a model. Nalani's secret is still safe. For now. Magnes, Nalani, Rami, Tamara
Volume IV: A Taste of Armageddon
12/20/08 Hear the Music Obliquely, Tamara gives Colette advice. It may not have been taken the way she most meant. Colette, Tamara
12/22/08 Prickly Brown Caterpillar The person Dantes assumes knows the most about his disguise actually knows the least. Dantes/Felix, Tamara
12/26/08 Neither Friend Nor Foe Paths cross at the park. Abby, Brian, Deckard, Eileen, Tamara, Teo
12/27/08 Flying Sandwich Eater Colette is introduced to another Evolved. Colette, Maria, Tamara
12/28/08 Lunchtime Interruptions There is a snake, a leaf, and a biscuit. Possibly an acorn. Maria, Rami, Tamara
01/01/09 Trust the Illusion Tamara helps an agent hunt his quarry. Rami, Tamara
01/04/09 Apollo Spat Teo gets a glimpse of the sybil's darker side. Tamara, Teo
01/06/09 If The Light Fails The sybil gives Teo the grace of two questions. Tamara, Teo
01/26/09 Undeserving A healer requests escort to a recalcitrant patient. Abby, Felix, Judah, Tamara
01/27/09 Fireflies Colette and Tamara spend time together in the twilight before the end of the world. Colette, Tamara
Volume V: Nadir
02/03/09 There is Also Beauty 'The end' is just another way of saying 'the beginning'. Amato, Tamara
unspecified Tamara hitchhikes her way to Utah, because necessity requires.
03/04/09 Walking on One Shoe Judah is reassured about both his daughters. Judah, Tamara
Leaving Breadcrumbs Tamara makes a promise to return. Colette, Tamara
04/07/09 And the Wind Began to Howl Tamara steals syringes and suppressants from a normally secure facility. Brooke/Odessa, Tamara
When Lightning Strikes, Part II Tamara plays guide and executioner. Alexander, Brooke/Odessa, Elle, Gabriel, Gillian, Helena, Hiro, Isabelle, Lucrezia, Peter, Tamara, Teo, Verse
Volume VI: A Sound of Thunder
Bright Future — 2019 (future self)
04/07/19 They're Here Tamara plays welcoming committee to displaced ghosts. Django, Elle, Helena, Jessica/Niki, Lucrezia, Tamara, Trask
04/10/19 Normal, But Not Normal Two abnormal people have a nearly-normal conversation. Gabriel, Tamara
04/19/19 Cassandra's Curse Elle makes queries of the sybil. Abby, Elle, Tamara
04/30/19 The Right Questions So do two freedom fighters. Helena, Tamara, Teo
Present Day
05/03/09 Guiding Light Colette brings the sleeping sybil home. Colette, Tamara
05/29/09 Attaboy A seer arranges an encounter. Delilah, Leonard/Alexander, Tamara, Teo
06/09/09 Not Afraid of Mirrors Tamara connects a mother to… a friend. Niki, R.Ajas, Tamara
06/20/09 A Lack of Symbolism Strangers have difficulty communicating. Aude, Tamara
06/26/09 Searching for Charon Colette requests guidance, or at least a clue. Cat, Colette, Tamara
06/26/09 Catch the Wind Two cops scare off a seer. Aude, Rebecca, Tamara
06/30/09 Truths Yet to Discover Dangerous things are traded to the sybil. She gives symbolism for free. Cardinal, Ghost/Teo, Tamara
07/11/09 Race You A visit to the zoo yields an enlightening conversation. Cat, Tamara
Remember, It's Not Real Tamara plays an extra and dodges a power detector. Isis, Maxwell, Tamara, Wendy
07/12/09 Lion's Flowers Rebecca isn't a mouse at all. Tamara says so. Rebecca, Tamara
07/13/09 The Distant Sound of Rain Tamara gives Colette sage advice. Colette, Tamara
07/17/09 Champions An item is requested; prophecy is given instead. Ghost/Teo, Helena, Tamara
07/18/09 Imperfect Reflections Rebecca gives the sybil space to recover. Rebecca, Tamara
Volume VII: Escalation
07/31/09 Incorrigible Colette is recovered by family after an adverse event. Colette, Judah, Tamara
08/02/09 It Made You Dangerous The seer encounters a psychiatrist. Bella, Tamara
08/12/09 For Saying Hello The sybil greets a man who intends to capture her. Danko, Tamara
08/28/09 The Birds are Singing Sweetly Round two ends with more damage than round one. Danko, Tamara
08/30/09 Safe and Less Sound Tamara returns to her foremost sanctuary… Judah, Tamara
No Words …and finds rest in a friend's embrace. Colette, Tamara
09/16/09 Owls Looking for Mice Tamara leads Judah to a potential ally in the hunt for Humanis First. Cardinal, Judah, Tamara
09/23/09 Murky Taxonomy Seer vs. psychiatrist, take two. Bella, Tamara
10/20/09 I am History The girl who sees what comes encounters the man that was. Francois/Deckard, Tamara
10/31/09 Not a Halloween Shindig Tamara does laundry. Cooper is concerned. Cooper, Tamara
11/12/09 Long Time, No See The seer escorts history to a time-traveler. Francois/Deckard, Hiro, Tamara
Volume VIII: Fallout
11/17/09 To Russia, With Love Tamara provides tickets to Moscow. Abby, Cat, Tamara, Teo
11/22/09 You, or Everyone Else And other marching orders as well. Cardinal, Claire, Tamara
12/17/09 Not Scary Today The sybil pays Peyton a visit to assure her that things are progressing just fine. Peyton, Tamara
12/20/09 Forever Ago Tamara gives Colette a gift. Colette, Tamara
Out of Order Afterwards, they have a run-in with Cooper. Colette, Cooper, Tamara
12/24/09 Two Pieces Gifts both tangible and ephemeral are given in return. Colette, Tamara
12/30/09 Just Keep Going Telepath meets cryptic seer. Kaylee, Tamara
01/08/10 Business Card Tarot Seer gives unasked-for advice and makes connections. Kendall, Peyton, Tamara
01/09/10 On Not Judging by Covers Tamara provides Kendall with a gift. Everyone provides a dose of chaos. Colette, Kaylee, Kendall, Tamara, Wendy
01/12/10 A Little Tug Back Three people ground one another. Colette, Kaylee, Tamara
01/14/10 Feeding Fish Commiseration and cryptic relationship advice. Kaylee, Tamara
01/18/10 They're Coming Home The seer interrupts dinner to convey news. Peyton, Tamara, Wendy
Volume IX: Farenheit
02/23/10 Please Stay Colette confronts Tamara over a lack of rescue. Colette, Tamara
03/04/10 Cherish the Time Family come together on a special occasion. Colette, Felix, Judah, Tamara
03/11/10 J'Adoube - Meeting The seer interrupts a secret meeting to give cryptic advice. Alia, Angelina, Bones, Claire, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Gillian, Peyton, Tamara
03/19/10 Lonely and Cold Trees, shadows, snow, and fellowship. Cardinal, Tamara
03/30/10 Faith in the Dice A shadow asks to take a chance. The sybil agrees to enable. Cardinal, Tamara
03/31/10 Forward Momentum Colette makes plans, and asks what the seer wants. Colette, Tamara
04/07/10 In the Name of Hope Abby receives one of the last doses of the Formula. Abby, Tamara
04/23/10 No Understanding Cryptic words while tending someone else's pets. Peter, Tamara
04/27/10 A Dog With Two Bones Colette's second love meets her first; awkwardness ensues on two fronts. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
Volume X: Awakening
05/24/10 Homeward Bound Tamara lays claim to a mute puppy. Abby, Doyle, Eileen, Hailey, Kaylee, Magnes, Peyton, Raith, Tamara
05/26/10 Hey You, Dog The rhyme and reason by which a seer chooses pet names. Judah, Tamara
05/29/10 Picking at Bones The seer interferes in the psychiatrist's errands, to her own distaste. Bella, Tamara
06/01/10 Dripping Dry She then proceeds to give more unasked direction. Bella, Tamara
06/06/10 Where the River Runs Quieter To a pastor is given a gift and a benediction. Joseph, Tamara
06/09/10 Slippery Words Paint comes with cryptic advice. Tamara, Tasha
06/10/10 Be Different Powerless, the sybil prays for the future to change. It doesn't. Tamara
06/14/10 The Bridge to Unenlightenment A puzzle-solver is provided with a puzzle. Rebecca, Tamara
I Misunderstood A normal conversation goes south fast. Quinn, Tamara
Choice Colette comes face-to-face with fears new and old. Colette, Tamara
The Sound of Distant Footsteps Sleeping, the seer still sparks drama. Colette, Sable, Tamara
06/18/10 Half Asleep An anchor is cast out, a drifter summoned home. Colette, Tamara
06/19/10 Stay Sympathy and affection carry the day. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
Foggy A doctor's very valid queries are met with evasions. Francois, Tamara
Ink Unfaded Sable and Tamara meet for the first time in the conscious present. Sable, Tamara
06/20/10 User Manual Complicated relationships, all in one apartment at last. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
06/22/10 Fingerprints in Paint Bonding over redecoration, and what goes in pictures. Tamara, Tasha
06/23/10 Shades of Madness Two people with their own distinctly bizarre quirks lounge on a fire escape and chat Sable, Tamara
06/24/10 It's Better That Way Tamara drops in on acquaintainces, then drops out again. Quinn, Tamara, Ygraine
06/28/10 Then Be Happy The seer plays relationship facilitator… Colette, Tamara, Tasha
06/29/10 New Road, New Soul …and guide to an existential crisis. Sable, Tamara
The Party Plan Four young women socialize. Colette, Quinn, Tamara, Tasha
06/30/10 What Do You See? Coming home, Tasha finds a seer in need of anchor. Tamara, Tasha
07/02/10 Sandcastles A trio of young women take time off from worry and stress at the beach. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
07/07/10 Building Blocks Being companionable while others converse. Cat, Colette, Tamara
07/10/10 Tamara Brooks, Plumber The seer guides the local handyman to a problem. Colette, Doyle, Quinn, Tamara
07/13/10 The Art of Asking Questions Teo is obtuse. So is his prophet. Tamara, Teo
07/15/10 Take the Knife Sable receives advice, and makes a good-natured threat. Sable, Tamara
07/16/10 Cloudy, with a Chance of Meatballs A food fight provides distraction while a piece of the bloody future to come is kept in play. Colette, Sable, Tamara, Tasha
07/13/10 Foxes and Wolves An injured Tasha receives visitors. Colette, Sasha, Tamara, Tasha
07/14/10 No Voice Leaves Quiet The sybil is asked an important question. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
Volume XI: The Hunted
08/28/10 The Most Important Meal The sybil affirms the time-traveler's mission… Hiro, Tamara
09/06/10 Sure as Chance …and meets with his associate as well. Rhys, Tamara
09/11/10 Superstition An inquisitive mind is headed off at the pass. Monica, Tamara
09/12/10 Come Back The seer nudges a piece into place on the gameboard of history… Colette, Tamara
10/07/10 Mirrors Elsewhere …and retrieves another that belongs to the future. Sable, Tamara
10/14/10 No More Ink Stains Judah is interrupted at work that's run far too late for his own good. Judah, Tamara
11/06/10 Parting Threads The seer ties up loose ends — messages, farewells, deadly weapons lying in wait. Tamara, Tasha
Volume XII: Divided We Fall
11/08/10 It's Not Harm Sable's vision comes to pass: she is entrusted with a dog, and a none-too-good penny. Sable, Tamara
Pyrrhic Victory Colette's vision is realized in fire and blood and loss. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
Volume XIII: Crossroads
12/23/10 Given Values of Better Tamara begins her progression back to typical function. Broome, Tyler/!Cardinal, Tamara
01/22/11 A Different Game The real game bears no relationship to the checkers board. Tyler/!Cardinal, Tamara
01/25/11 How You Experience the World A psychiatrist gets answers, opportunity, and more questions. Bella, Tamara
03/04/11 A Ray of Sunshine An anniversary, a call from the nearly-dead, and very little good news. Colette, Tamara
04/18/11 Whirlwind The Institute's little bottled tornado sweeps the new lab security chief off her feet. So to speak. Tamara, Veronica
04/27/01 Dervish The whirlwind blows past Veronica again, implicitly laying groundwork for events to come. Tamara, Veronica
05/20/11 Shadows on the Ground The psychiatrist plans a trip. Bella, Tamara
05/25/11 Nightingale Options, opportunities, choices offered — and refused… Tamara
09/06/11 Run Blind I …and consequences finally coming home to roost. Colette, Judah, Tamara
10/01/11 Interesting People Two people share books — sort of — to pass the time in a gilded cage. Ruiz, Tamara
Volume XIV: Five Years Gone
11/08/11 The Tide Rises Two allies commiserate in the last moment of calm before the storm. Tamara, Veronica
Arkfall, Part IV Extract Julie. Destroy the reactor. Run away. Darren, Doyle, Else, Graeme, Julie, Liette, Luis, Odessa, Remi, Tamara, Ygraine
Whatever Happened, Happened Avi Epstein executes a kill-list within the arcology. Tamara intervenes on his last target. Avi, LeRoux, Tamara
11/21/11 Porridge and Pyjamas Tamara's second day among the waking features a conversation at turns both convivial and serious. Tamara, Ygraine
Messages and Metaphors Ygraine relays messages; one of them clicks. Tamara, Ygraine
Fishing Graeme checks in on Tamara; after succeeding only at talking past one another, they give up and play games. Graeme, Tamara
11/22/11 Two Worlds Scientist and seer. Past and future. Bridging them is frustrating and difficult, the payoff indeterminate. Luis, Tamara
11/28/11 The River Winding On Seer and cyclist share a personal moment before going their separate ways — for now. Tamara, Ygraine
11/28-12/03 Tamara makes her way back to New York City.
12/03/11 Her Heart Cannot Forget At Pollepel Island, Tamara is finally reunited with Colette. Colette, Tamara
12/06/11 A Long Ways Down Two strangers attempt light conversation under Pollepel's dome. They don't quite succeed. Rue, Tamara
12/10/11 A Mirror and an Echo Two seers meet for the first time. Eve, Tamara
12/19/11 Queen of Hearts Colette, Tamara, and Tasha spend one last night together before the Siege of Pollepel breaks. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
Quietus II An impromptu rescue team descends into the cellar to liberate Rue and Calvin as the siege on Pollepel Island reaches its climax. Avi, Benji, Calvin, Colette, Noa, Quinn, Rue, Tamara
continued in Book Two — String Theory: Aftermath
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