Tania Kozlow

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Name Tania Kozlow Aliases Katya Leshcheva
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian; Russian
Birthdate January 13, 1995 Age 16
Height 5'7" Build Thin
Eyes Green Hair Red
Residence Eltingville Blocks
Employment None
Parents Iosif (deceased) and Yustina Kozlow Siblings Aleksandr Kozlow
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Loudly Sung and in a Foreign Tongue Last Seen It Gets Better
Profile Tania is a young woman residing in Eltingville with her brother and their odd, makeshift family. Recent events have shaken a naive girl into a more wary one, with a persistent melancholy that's only noticeable when she, herself, is noticeable.
Tania Kozlow
portrayed by

Alexina Graham

"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music." - Sergei Rachmaninov



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The Cast

Tania's relationship with her big brother has gone through its ups and downs, that's for sure. From their younger days when it was something like hero worship, to the days when she thought she would hate or regret him forever, to the more settled love between a brother and sister that it is now. He's always been the most important and mysterious figure in her life, through it all. And now she knows she needs him and thinks maybe he needs her, too.
Tania loves Abby. Her first and closest friend since she came to the US, this woman quickly went past the general care the Ferry gave her as a whole and became a companion. Even if she had to keep a number of secrets from her, and even though the woman has bad history with both Sasha and Logan, she will claim this is her best friend and someone whom she trusts.
The problem here is, Tania isn't sure if she's afraid of Logan or not, most of the time. He is the reason she's here, taken care of and back with her brother, after all, as he sent someone to pull her out of Russia just in time to keep her from getting snatched up by less well-intentioned people. She's grateful to him, that much is certain, but there's all this uncertainty around him, too. And let's not forget the dreams of the future where she was happily married to him and had his children. She's not sure what to think of that.
A member of the brick house in Eltingville, it didn't take long for Tania to like Delia. Even with her being as reserved a girl as she is, Delia was soon added to the short list of people Tania worries over. She's a lot more kind and friendly than Logan's other contacts that she's met.

Other Stuff

Things My Mother Taught Me: As a child who couldn't do much physically, Tania's mother was vigilant in finding ways to keep her entertained. Music, arts, crafts; she's dabbled in painting, knitting, cross stitch, even things like origami and flower arranging. Singing, violin, harp, she's got the basics down. Her two major focuses, though, are the piano, taking after her pianist mother there, and pottery, which was just something that jumped out and grabbed her. Those two are where her passion and devotion were poured into, and she's actually quite good. No master, of course.

Thirst For Knowledge: Being the quiet, bookish child she is, Tania loves to learn. She loves to read, she loves to pick a new subject at random and just see what she can learn about it. She has a good educational background, although incomplete at this point, and has a habit of picking up tidbits of information. Her favorite subjects lean toward the mythological; gods and beasts and their favored mortals, the stories and the history and culture behind them. It's all very fascinating. This also includes language. Specifically, English. She dabbled in others, but only as a way to understand the origins of the mishmash that is American English. She was mostly self taught there, after her mother found her some books and tapes from a library. She never did give those back.

Unfortunate Side Effects: Tania was born with insufficient adrenal glands, and the Addison's has left her with frequent bouts of fatigue and muscle weakness, not to mention… dizziness, weight loss issues, joint pain, muscle pain, difficulty standing, mood swings, headaches, anxiety… it's a laundry list of symptoms that, while they all aren't always present at any given time, make it difficult for her to keep up any physical activity for very long at all. Oh, not to mention, she may trigger an Addisonian Crisis, which would leave her feverish, seizuring, in pain and likely unconscious. And maybe dead by the end. >.>

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