Tasha Renard

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Name Natasha Olivia Renard-Lazzaro Aliases Tasha Oliver
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian (French/Italian)
Birthdate November 5, 1991 Age 19
Height 5'2" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown
Parents Joanna Renard
Vincent Lazzaro
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Woosh Last Seen
Profile Boston Ferry "Rustler" returning to her home town of NYC, Tasha is also the daughter of everyone's least favorite governmental lackey and a city prosecutor — facts she'd like to keep quiet.
Tasha Renard
portrayed by

Stephanie Brait



Putting that Fancy Art School Tuition to Good Use

Tasha has a natural talent for art and design, accompanied with four years of high school art and one semester of university-level training. She has a meticulous eye for details and is rather handy with an Exacto knife, which makes her good at forging papers and creating false ID cards and the like.


Soundtrack and Soundbites


May 23 There Will Come Soft Rains An intersection of Midtown becomes the sight of a terrible accident, and a discovery. Monica, Odessa, Moriarti, Trey, Yana
May 24 For Art's Sake Curiosity brings three women together again the morning after strange happenings in Midtown. Monica, Quinn
June 14 Everyone's Business The future that seems to be foretold in a set of mysterious paintings are just that. Ryans
July 3 An Artist's Revolt "Art is a revolt against fate" - Andre Malraux. Tasha seeks to warn innocent citizens about the robots in Midtown, and finds an unlikely like-minded spirit in Audrey Hanson. Audrey
July 17 Murder, Arson or Peyote Father and daughter bonding time is always short and tense, much like the Lazzaros themselves. Vincent
July 24 One Small Thing Mother and daughter catch up on actions made in the present to help avert a dark future. Joanna
August 3 They Don't Follow the Three Laws Two teens who know way too much cross paths; Devon doesn't get much out of Tasha or vice versa, on the topic of robots. Devon
August 11 Cloudy Judgment The Ferry makes a kill. Eileen, Rue. Lynette, Liza, Abby
September 19 Anything but Syracuse Tasha and Joanna go law office shopping and discuss the near future and the perils of one road that could be ventured down. Joanna
September 27 Just Keen This year, Quinn makes sure she celebrates her birthday surrounded by as many of her friends as possible. Adel, Elaine, Kincaid, Lene, Quinn, Dirk
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