Nicholas Thornton

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Name Nicholas Thornton Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; American
Birthdate 07/18/1962 Age 47
Height 5'11" Build Fit
Eyes Brown Hair Gray
Residence Upper West Side
Employment Public Defender
Parents Jameson Thornton
Amelia Thornton
Siblings Alexander Thornton
Marital Status Married to Charity Thornton Children Erica Thornton
First Seen Manly Fruit Cocktails Last Seen N/A
Profile A NYC public defender and outspoken advocate for the Evolved. Your go-to guy if you can't afford a lawyer (and don't get stuck with some other PD), or perhaps if you need a little advice on your legal troubles.
Nicholas Thornton
portrayed by

George Clooney


Relationships: (under reconstruction)


Charity Thornton

A constant point of strife in Nicholas' life, Charity nonetheless holds an important place in it. Demanding and self-important, Nicholas isn't sure if he'd have made it as far as he has without her around to help him through some of the tough spots when he was dealing with his divorce. Despite her vicious attack on him, he holds nothing against her, knowing that she wasn't completely herself when it happened, and he continues to hope for a day when they'll be reunited. Despite overwhelming evidence, looking back, that her break-down was the result of her own ability raging out of control, he continues to silently blame himself for somehow making the event as violent as it was.


Jean Gosselin

While Charity may not be on speaking terms with Jean, Nicholas still in and has made an extra effort to keep in contact with him, especially after Charity's break-down and subsequent disappearance. Although he has informed Jean of Charity's alleged death, he has also hinted to him that he knows more about what's really happened than he lets on.

Important Note: Jean is available for application. He holds a degree in journalism from McGill University and has spent the years since the bomb reporting on the Evolved — most of his work has taken him out of North America to places like Bosnia, Madagascar and Thailand. If you're interested in applying for him, please contact Charity's player in-game via @mail.


Erica Thornton

Despite drifting a bit apart due to the usual teenage troubles, Nicholas remains fairly close to his daughter, although also somewhat nervous, wondering if she herself is Evolved, and what her ability might be if she is. He wonders, also, whether or not Charity actually liked the girl, preferring by and large not to think about it.

Important Note: Erica is available for application. If you're interested in applying for her, please contact Charity's player and/or Thornton's player in-game via @mail.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Law: A lawyer by training, his skills with the law is not so much knowing what it is, as it is knowing how to find out what it says and then to interpret it. His success or failure in the courtroom is heavily influenced by finding the correct law or court ruling to support his client's presumption of innocence.
  • Debate and Rhetoric: The other half of being a lawyer is being able to convince a jury of the defendant's peers why they should be found "not guilty", and often times, this involves a careful choice of words to spin the story just the right way, to play on the right emotions or even portray his opponent as unreasonable. This is doubly true when the defendant is Evolved, because they generally have an uphill battle to begin with. It is also useful to be able to spot holes or weak points in the prosecution's own rhetoric to prod and poke at, trying to make their case fall apart.
  • Cold Reading: Because he has a natural talent for picking up on what, exactly, the subject of his attention is feeling, Nicholas has a good deal of insight into common behaviors that people engage in when feeling a certain way. Combined with his knack for blathering, this can sometimes reveal as much or more about a witness or interviewee as an in-depth investigation can.
  • Blather: As much a skill as a talent, blathering is simply speaking very quickly about a number of related topics, with no real segue between each one, to confuse a subject, or to make them uncomfortable or otherwise influence their mood. Combined with the right props, he can give an air of authority he wouldn't otherwise have, and with a little rhetoric and stretching of the truth, perhaps even convince someone of the truth of something when it is not actually so. This tends not to work in the courtroom, as prosecuting attorneys are quick to object.
  • Blogging: Because he uses a lot of "smart" software, blogging is not so much about knowing how to setup the blog as it is knowing how to appear respectable, or at least authoritative on an audio track. Nicholas does not produce a video blog and has no plans to.



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