Tracy Strauss

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Name Tracy Strauss Aliases None
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Cryokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; American
Birthdate August 24, 1974 Age 34
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Dorchester Towers
Employment Director of Communications for New York
Parents Unknown Siblings Niki Sanders
Barbara Simms
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Running the Country Last Seen N/A
Profile Tracy Strauss has risen through the political system with only one thing on her mind: Nathan Petrelli. She knew he was going places, and she wanted in on that action. Now, responsible for the P.R. for the President in his home state of New York, she's managed to do just that.
Tracy Strauss
portrayed by

Ali Larter


Media Coverage:


Surprisingly, not all that much is available where Tracy Strauss is concerned. Below is the information that can be pieced together from Wikipedia on the elusive Miss Strauss:

  • In 2005 Tracy appears as an aid (and if you believe rumors, lover) of New York Governor Malden.
  • In mid-2007 she becomes a Campaign Aid for Senator Feldman of New Jersey. He wins.
  • In 2008 she is hand-picked by Lockheed Martin as a lobbyist for increased sales to Pakistan and India.
  • During the 2008 Presidential election, she worked as an Communications Expert to Nathan Petrelli's party on their general image for the upcoming elections.
  • After Nathan Petrelli becomes president, she is chosen by him personally to be his Special Director of Communications. She moves to New York at the beginning of the year.

For those who are intuitive, Malden and Feldman both supported Nathan Petrelli's plans and actions while he was a Senator. In fact, every decision she's ever supported has been on the side of Nathan Petrelli, even though the two had no visible contact until 2009.

There are several images and media of Tracy Strauss appearing on the internet. Google Images and Youtube are great sources for this. Other tabs here list media appearances Tracy has made that can be found on the web. One picture that reoccurs quite often through the search is this one. Upon further investigation, it is found that this is a P.R. picture that was taken of Tracy after she became the Special Director of Communications to the President.


People that Tracy may or may not particularly care for, but who stick out in her mind for business purposes and as contacts.

Nathan - President Nathan Petrelli has been Tracy's quarry since the bomb went off in New York. She knew he was heading straight for the top, and she intended to get in on that shift in power - which she has now done. She'll serve Nathan Petrelli almost above her own conscience, and if he ever asked her to jump in the sack? She'd be all for that too. There's a fake Nathan Petrelli in the White House, and a real one between her sheets. They're both missing after they took out her window and busted her wall. The real Nathan Petrelli is somewhere around the world, while the fake one is nice and cozy in the White House. She's never slept with the fake one. Complicated much?!
Matt - Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Matthew Parkman is an ally of Tracy's - even if she had to force him to be just that. He seems like the all-american quarterback that never should have gotten into politics, but then again he doesn't seem to realize that he's in politics. It's always difficult for those field guys to make that transition. Matt's a good guy gone less good because of his atmosphere, and it's the flip-floppy ones Tracy tends to trust the least. On the plus side? He seems like a nice guy deep down.
Magnes - Magnes Varlane is an interesting visitor she's sure she'll keep getting. He's a terrorist, then he's not. But if he's not a terrorist, then Hiro Nakamura isn't a terrorist, which means a lot of things. Tracy is treading lightly, the kid is flighty and really horny. It's weird. He's making her life - and her job - harder than it has to be.
Abby - Ms. Beauchamp used to be a godsend to Tracy Strauss. She was the perfect spokesperson. But then she wasn't. However, Abby seems to have revived her usefullness in the form of informant. Tracy will protect Abby as much as she can, rather sure the information will continue to flow as long as she does so.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "You don't pay me for sex, Governer. I give you that for free."
  • "My, my. Name-calling now? The bill must be doing very well for her to resort to that," -To Chuck in PEDA for FRONTLINE.


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