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Name Trent Daselles Aliases Trent Michaels
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Telekinesis (Synthetic)
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate February 14, 1981 Age 28 (at time of death)
Height 6'1" Build 175lbs.
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Employment _company Agent (Spy)
_ferrymen Operative (Spy)
_pinehearst Agent
Parents Dolores Daselles (Mother)
Stephen Daselles (Father)
Siblings Richard Daselles (Brother)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen One Person At A Time Last Seen Initialize, Catalyze, Necrotize
Profile Trent Daselles was a man of many hats; an agent of the Company who was a spy within the echelon of the Ferrymen who was turned Pinehearst spy by Roger Goodman. Ultimately, it was the latter of Trent's occupations that ended his life.
Trent Daselles
portrayed by

Scott Porter



Nove,ber 2006
Date Cause Effect
8th Daylight, Part II Colette and Trent
8th Daylight, Part III Colette, The Haitian and Trent
October 2008
Date Cause Effect
25th One Person At A Time Brian, Colette, Trent and Ygraine
Through A Mirror Darkly Colette, Felix, Tamara, Trent, Ygraine
30th An Uncertain Future Brian. Felix, Heather, Teo, Trent, Ygraine
November 2008
Date Cause Effect
4th The Many And The Few Abby, Alexander, Colette, Deckard, Delilah, Helena, Jezebel, and Trent
5th Breadcrumbs Colette and Trent
6th A Small World Abby and Trent
8th Two Years Gone Brian, Colette, Delilah, Elisabeth, Heather, Helena, Isabelle, Pam, Teo, Trent, Ygraine
29th Light On Water, Part I Helena and Trent
Light on Water, Part II Alistair, Brian, Colette, Conrad, Grace, Helena, Liu, Song, and Trent
December 2008
Date Cause Effect
24th Like This Abby, Cat, Colette, Teo, and Trent
Becoming Colette, Teo and Trent
January 2009
Date Cause Effect
14th Breaking Point Colette, Felix, Judah, and Trent
February 2009
Date Cause Effect
2nd Be The Match Bolivar, Colette, Elisabeth, Felix, Katherine, Kayla, and Trent
19th There Is A Time For Everything Colette, Teo and Trent
22nd On The One Hand Colette and Trent
May 2009
Date Cause Effect
3rd Thirty-Six Years Arthur, Jenn, Mason, and Trent
8th All Our Troubles Jenn, Trent and Zimmerman
Date Cause Effect
12th Initialize, Catalyze, Necrotize Alison, Arthur, Jenn, Mason, Maury, Trent and Zimmerman

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