Michal Valentin

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Name Michal Valentin Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian; Slovak
Birthdate August 2 Age 52
Height 5'8" Build Medium
Eyes Blue Hair Greying brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Children Unknown
First Seen Along For The Ride Last Seen
Profile Formerly Company, wherein he was rumoured to have murdered his Evolved partner, Michal Valentin has thrown in with Humanis First! in an effort to help humankind assert itself. Disguising himself as a good Samaritan during the "Dome" crisis, he caused needless chaos and death in the name of the cause.
Michal Valentin
portrayed by
Christoph Waltz
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This is a staff NPC, contact Brooklyn.

"I am a man of action, it is true. In a world of terrible inaction, I think."

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