Veronica Sawyer

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Name Veronica Sawyer Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Power Reflection
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate November 30, 1982 Age 28
Height 5'5" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Residence Dorchester Towers
Employment The Company
Parents Alma Sawyer
Keith Sawyer, deceased
Marital Status Dating (Winters) Children
First Seen Whatever The Case May Be Last Seen
Profile A Company agent with a bit of an identity crisis at the moment.
Veronica Sawyer
portrayed by

Eliza Dushku

"The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V."




Agent Veronica Sawyer arrives in Manhattan, eager to make a difference in this city of dangerous Evolved. She finds this world a little shaky as she struggles to find and detain Tyler Case with her new partner, an innocent and green replicator who clearly has a crush on her. vee_volume05.jpg
vee_volume06.jpg Veronica loses people close to her, and her loyalty is challenged when those she trusts seem to be switching sides and she finds out the secrets the Company has been keeping from her and her loved ones for several years.
The Company begins to rebuild itself. Veronica and Brian try to learn to trust one another while working on opposite ends of the spectrum. There are more losses, but there are also people thought lost that have been re-found.Veronica works on stopping Monroe, but always seems to be one step behind. vee_volume07.jpg
vee_volume08.jpg The Founders’ murders investigation of Gitelman and Monroe is set aside for something of more dire and more far-reaching dangers. Veronica travels to Argentina and then Antarctica to join a team of eclectic soldiers in a war that must be won — or all of their lives will be lost.
The Company is in transition yet again — Len is gone and Martin Crowley of all people is her immediate supervisor — this surely cannot bode well. Shadows from the past have followed the Apollo operatives back to New York. Veronica investigates Jenn Chesterfield’s murder and tries to piece together a puzzle given to her by an anonymous caller that includes Vanguard members. As Liz Harrison put it, why can’t the world just stay saved for a while? vee_volume09.jpg
vee_volume10.jpg With spring finally on the horizon, Veronica Sawyer finds herself in upheaval. With the unexpected manifestation of an ability, she finds herself having a more personal stake than ever before in the matters the evolved.
vee_volume11.jpg The Company fallen, Veronica joins the Institute — this time, the agent has her eyes wide open and an agenda other than the one given to her by her employers.
vee_volume12.jpg Working against the Institute from within takes a toll on Veronica, physically, mentally, and emotionally as she gives up hopes of having any semblance of a normal life.
vee_volume13.jpg Almost killed in her "secret assignment" from Parkman, Veronica is a little out of commission but the plan remains the same: as she told Goodman (before he died a second time) she wants to bring the Institute down. The trick is,
getting herself in a useful position — alongside the one person she trusts absolutely.
vee_volume14.jpg Everything she has been working toward is hurtling toward its resolution and the Institute is the target with several allies working to take it down. The question is if the future that is paved by the actions they make will be a better one, and if Veronica can live with the wrongs she's done to get to this point and beyond it.



Brian Winters

An unlikely partnership became an even more unlikely romance, but love isn't easy in their line of work. The two have kept their relationship secret and broken one another's hearts a few times over, under the auspice of protecting the other. Fate seems to keep throwing them together, either because they're meant to be or because Fate's got a sick sense of humor. Whether they get a happy ending or not is still to be seen.



Brian's sister. Vee liked her pretty much immediately, especially because the woman knows what Veronica does and doesn't hold it against her, even when Brian sometimes does.



Lynette is a friend from Veronica's childhood. In present day, they mostly pretend they don't know one another, but they did have a time-traveling adventure harkening back to a traumatic experience in their younger days. Lynette is the only person who's allowed to call her Ronnie.



The healer has Veronica's curiosity, as Vee knows the woman knew Winters before he became Company property so to speak. Abby's healed Veronica and offered to heal her or Brian should they ever need her, while at the same time forbidding her to come near Old Lucy's — a request not respected by Vee. The two don't like each other, but Veronica respects the healer anyway and wants to be sure Abby doesn't fall into the wrong hands.



Teamed with Liz in Antarctica, Veronica trusts and likes the former cop, current Frontline operative who happens to also be her neighbor — at least when the two of them aren't in hiding or missions. The two have shared information and trust, and seem to have a lot in common.



Funny how the "thief" of the group is the one that Veronica was most drawn to and trusted the most in Argentina. The two have some mutual interests and work well together — or at least manage to get out of dangerous situations together somehow alive.



Veronica recruited him for the Company only to see him get mindwiped when it didn't work out — later, he was on her team in Argentina and Antarctica. She's watched him mature and feels something like a big sister to him, though she'll never tell him that. While he may exasperate her sometimes, she is proud of the person he strives to be.



Katherine and Veronica hit it off, especially after Kat let Vee know that she was in potential trouble with the NYPD involving the Case situation. Favors turned into drinks, drinks turned into rolling around in a bed without any clothing. The two agents are similar in many ways, but very different in others. Kat died at Adam Monroe's hands, and left Vee the executioner of her living will. Vee was more traumatized by the loss of this friend than she will let anyone know; recently Kat has come back into her life — albeit changed — and the two have a hesitant but still important friendship.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Veronica Sawyer is also the name of Winona Ryder's character in Heathers.
  • Veronica has had her shoulder dislocated twice in 2009.
  • Veronica has been hit by two throwing knives — Hana's and Rosco's.
  • Was in both of Goodman's death scenes.
  • Has been electrocuted a few times by Elle and once by Samson.



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