Victor Childs

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Name Victor Childs Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Superhuman Speed
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; American
Birthdate 02/05/1989 Age 20
Height 6'2" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence Unknown
Employment Student
Parents George Childs
Peggy Childs
Siblings Jenny Childs (dec.)
Gillian Childs] (adopted)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Unknown Last Seen Unknown
Profile Vic Childs is a native of Queens who went to college at USC in California last year. He's back, maybe to stay. Maybe to go to school here instead.
Victor Childs
portrayed by

Jeremy Sumpter




Vic met Stella at Old Lucy's, where he's met most of the friends he knows now in New York. Turns out she's a mindreader, but she's also very pretty. And very quickly (fitting for Vic) has developed into something more than just a friend. She's one of the few openly compassionate and caring people he's found in the city, which might have something to do with the fact that she's not from New York originally. (Update: She vanished mysteriously)
Though she's a member of some underground group of Evolved refugees, Vic likes Monica and doesn't hold it against her. The law can be unjust anyway. She's a very nice girl from New Orleans who has a hard time in this town, and he completely sympathizes. That's why when she needed a place to stay that was safe, he opened his crappy little apartment to her and for a while had a roommate.
If anyone is destined to be Victor's BFF, it's this guy. Even Vic doesn't know the full extent of it yet. They know each other, and first impressions have been great. Plus they share a common friend in Abby!
There was a time when Vic liked Abby enough to ask her out repeatedly, but enough rebuffs and enough drama involving the secrets she keeps, the questionable ties with his surviving sister Gillian, and the nagging suspicion that she might just be some kind of pathological liar HAD made him back off from that forever. And then haha, out of the blue SHE ended up asking HIM if he'd like to date. Strangeness abounds.
He makes the funniest facial expressions going from zero to three-hundred backward into a mailbox.


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