Vincent Lazzaro

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Name Vincent Lazzaro Aliases N/A
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Vapor Form
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 11/04 Age 42
Height 5'8" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence New York, New York
Employment Unemployed
Parents Oliver Lazzaro (Deceased)
Victoria Lazzaro
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Joanna Renard (Divorced) Children Tasha Renard (Daughter)
First Seen Weird Shit Last Seen N/A
Profile Widely disliked and disrespected at his post with the NYPD for his stringent adherence to regulation and the law, Vincent was hired on as the first head of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis within the Department of Evolved Affairs. Exactly what he did there is still something of a mystery, but he seemed to have an aptitude for showing up at exactly the place and time most inconvenient for people with a stake in how the Department did business. He's since "resigned" and vanished in a flurry of media activity and attempted arrests after he leaked official documents regarding Moab and other evolved detainment programs to the press. He is currently considered armed, dangerous and wanted by the United States Government.
Vincent Lazzaro
portrayed by

Stanley Tucci

"Did he say anything to you?"

"Yeah, that the world is coming to an end."

"…Did he say when?"



Law: He knows it well enough to use it deftly to his advantage. Do you know what “reasonable” means? It could be the difference between a firm grip at the elbow or a nightstick to the spine depending on how much of a threat you make of yourself. Especially when what's “threatening” is purely up to the “reasonable” discretion of the threatened.

Self-Defense: Vincent is apt at close combat but has no formal style. It's a combination of experience, various training courses over the years and vicious improvisation. He's built and in great shape as self-involved pricks often are but average in speed, relatively short and doesn't have good reach, so prefers to use his ability to maneuver into favorable grappling or disabling position to neutralize opposition without causing permanent harm. Unless causing permanent harm is “reasonable” in a given situation, obviously.

Self-Control: He doesn't rise to bait and rarely responds openly to teasing or threats. Even personal ones. Inwardly they might terrify him if they hit their mark, but he's unlikely to flinch and particularly knowledgeable enough about the law and how other people act around it not to cave to people bullshitting at him about their rights being violated. Which tends to happen a lot when you do what he does. Previously he has invited people to bring charges against him, even helpfully listing ones they might want to look into if they're interested in explaining to a courtroom why he might have been fondling their rights in the first place. This branches into his ability to lie directly or by omission without batting an eye. He's not a great actor. He just doesn't sweat under pressure and relies upon non-reaction to get him through.

Contacts: He has them. In the NYPD, in the federal government, in the Linderman Group, in the Ferrymen. In the Institute. In Phoenix. Intelligence of the kind he requires doesn't tend to fall into laps. Not all of them are cooperative. Sometimes he has leverage. Sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he has to make his own.

Weapons: Vincent typically carries a 9mm semi-automatic in a shoulder holster and is a decent shot at the range you'd expect to participate in a firefight within. He's no sniper. He's pretty handy with a nightstick, though.

Manipulation: See: Contacts and Self-Control. His job depends on his ability to find out things, which sometimes involves getting people to talk to him who may not want to. With the government at his back, his ability to convince has increased somewhat from what it was when he was lowly IA. He can intimidate. He can make promises that will be kept. He can turn people on each other or offer them money or pardons or alibis. He can also bring pain if they trend towards non-compliance. Even physically. …If it's reasonable.

Bass Guitar: Vincent played bass in an amateur rock band while in university and off and on later through the course of his early career. He wasn't bad, either. Times being what they are, he doesn't really have time for it anymore, but his original instrument resides somewhere in his apartment and sees occasional use when he needs the distraction.


Trivia and Notes:

  • Suffered extensive injuries/scarring as a result of an assassination attempt during a high profile Internal Affairs case with the NYPD in '08. Scar pattern is approximately thus but less tidy. Plastic surgery mostly corrected the mess that was made of the side of his head and his right hand, but he is deeply self-conscious about the rest. He also suffers from chronic pain and is usually medicated in some capacity to manage it.
  • Interviewed for the April 2010 issue of PAUSE Magazine. His answers (and everyone else's) can be seen here.
  • As it was originally registered, Vincent's ability was theoretically harmless (Tier-0) but his vapor form provided him enough potential to eavesdrop undetected on dangerous or otherwise sensitive information that he was officially listed as Tier-1. As a result of the information leak and reports of new, more violent aspects of his ability employed on November 8th, he's since been bumped up to Tier-3.
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