Detective Daniel Montgomery Walsh

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Name Daniel Montgomery Walsh Aliases "The Irishman"
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 7, 1953 Age 56
Height 6' 2" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence 1922 East 51st Street, Apartment 7A, Manhattan
Employment New York Police Department, Detective
Parents Irina Walsh (mother)
Daniel Walsh (father)
Siblings William Walsh (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Anna Stephens-Walsh (deceased) Children Susan Ball (daughter; estranged)
Montgomery Walsh (son; deceased)
First Seen A Canary Under The Bus Last Seen A Knife For Every Back, Part II
Profile Once known only as "The Irishman" this NYPD detective was secretly a member of Humanis First! until he was captured by the "Remnant." How he wound up working for them and abandoning his ties to Humanis First has yet to be revealed. Though, maybe abandoning was too strong a word, it seems. What is Walsh doing?
Detective Daniel Montgomery Walsh
portrayed by

Colm Meaney



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