Warren Ray

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Name Warren Ray Aliases Mortimer Alex Jack
Jack Williams
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Mechanical Intuition
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 04/11/1985 Age 26
Height 6'1" Build Fit
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Mortimer's Vault
Employment None
Parents Edward Ray
Carolina Alexander
Siblings Kaylee Anne Thatcher
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Of Puppets and Fairies Last Seen N/A
Profile Warren Ray, aka Mortimer Alex Jack, is a former Very Crazy Person who had multiple personalities, but after Harper had the Haitian fix his brain, he was all better, mostly. He spends most days trying to reach his goal of repairing the city, since a brief run-in with Gillian's augmentation ability filled him with a sudden grand-scale inspiration.
Warren Ray
portrayed by

James McAvoy

"In an hour of Darkness a blind man is the best guide. In an age of Insanity look to the madman to lead the way." — Imperial Maxim, Warhammer 40000


He has a 2009 BMW G650 X Country, which is mostly modified for incredibly high efficiency, and has a nitro mode that lasts for around five minutes, but is highly impractical to use in the city most of the time (That's code for: I'm saving it for really awesome chases in which I will ask staff "How fast can this thing go?").

He has two golden .50 Desert Eagles, which are modified to make the sound of being fired, but not actually fire anything, or, alternatively, do the same, but with bullets that simply explode into fake blood. His reasons for faking shots are quite random, and sometimes he just plain wants to confuse people.

He also carries modified grenades, and one shrapnel grenade. The shrapnel grenade is for emergencies, which is why he only carries one. Another is an itching powder grenade, which looks exactly like the shrapnel one, but it's completely harmless other than the fact that it makes a loud boom and explodes in a puff of white powder. The rest are more or less equally harmless, a smoke grenade, a tear gas grenade, and a flash grenade (Which is for temporarily blinding). They all look exactly the same, he tells them apart with his intuition. They all make loud booms, and the itching powder only affects exposed skin.

The weapon he uses more when he's in "I'm having lots of senseless fun" mode is the M11/9 SMG; the only modifications made are incredibly long ammo chains, and the fact that they're made specifically to be highly inaccurate and require lots and lots of firing to actually hit someone long range.

Then there's his moto gear, all of the gear below his neck is unmodified, since it's already rather tough and capable of handling a motorcycle crash and even a baseball bat hit (Fedor told me this, if it's false, yell at him!). But his helmet is modified to be bulletproof, though can be shot through with artillery weapons such as sniper rifles, and it's also an air filter, considering the fact that he uses gas and smoke. He never bulletproofed his moto gear, he thinks it takes all the fun out of fighting, but he also thinks getting instantly shot in the head takes the fun out of fighting.

The very last thing on the list of things he's made is probably the most advanced, which are explosive rings. They're made to either fit around the neck, wrists, or ankles, and they can either be remotely detonated, have a proximity setting, or a timer. He doesn't use them lightly, sometimes it's just for potential recruits, to test them (He saw the movie Saw and got inspired). But there are probably more creative uses. They only destroy the area they were attached to, so if they explode on an ankle, they sever the foot from the leg. Player permission needed for these of course, and nudge me if you have an idea!


Warren happens to be great at chess, being a former chess club member, but he's paranoid about the game, so he usually avoids it.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Mortimer's real name is Warren Ray. The personality formerly known as Jack now goes by Warren, the other two's name are unchanged (Except for cover purposes).
  • Alex is Mortimer's third personality, created during the attack on the Nightmare Man. He stayed in dreams until gaining his ability back caused Alex to manifest as a conscious personality.
  • Warren's gang is called The Locos. , and sometimes called the Chaos Cult by law enforcement, which annoys him, because the name is stupid.
  • Mortimer is unable to give the Locos orders unless Warren has authorized it.
  • Mortimer prefers to use guns, while Warren usually prefers the personal nature of blades, though doesn't particularly mind using guns.
  • His mother is an engineer for NASA. crazy and dead.
  • His father wrote the book "My Definitive Study of the Psychedelic Mind", which talks a lot about hallucinations, how severe they can be, specific circumstances and what a person who has hallucinations could experience, and all sorts of crazy stuff like that. His findings are accurate, but no one knows just how he did such an in-depth study. He's missing now. is crazy and in a coma and Edward Ray
  • His sister is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Kaylee
  • Mortimer works for Linderman as an engineer, and takes other requests, all for free as long as he gets resources.
  • There are always exactly 40 Locos, only 2 are original members. You figure it out. There are also a few female members, Elle is kinda sorta the female leader.
  • The Locos are mostly business men, blue collar guys, men who have hit rock bottom, and just people generally bored with life. Very few are actually effective in combat, but they'll try damned hard so they won't be "replaced". There has never been a female Loco on record.
  • Warren will kill really really hurt anyone who bothers his sister.
  • The Locos are not allowed to steal anything and keep it. They're not allowed to make money at all while "on the lock" within the gang, it's punishable by death. Anything the Locos do is purely for fun.
  • Warren finds the idea of world domination laughable, "He" will rise up from the sea and kill us all anyway, if Warren can't stop it.
  • Mortimer believes he has some sort of mental illness, but he drops the ball and completely misses the fact that he has hallucinations. They're enlightened visions! Warren's mind is split into three, Mortimer and Alex being the other two. Though they're kind of in a mental symbiosis, so one can't do anything that drastically goes against the other's ethics, most of the time, at least.
  • 21 and 24 are the only original members of the Locos, they know how to survive, stay on Warren's good side, and generally laugh at their peers who will surely die very soon. Killed by Warren and Elle for being Linderman spies.
  • Fairies are what make accidents happen; they chew on dimensions that people cannot comprehend.


Mister Jack Themes
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Rob Zombie - Superbeast
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage Eclipse
System Of A Down - Sugar
(Talking Heads Cover) Velvet Revolver - Psycho Killer
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Rob Zombie- Superbeast (Girl On a Motorcycle Mix)
There Was An Old Lady...

Mortimer Themes
Slayer - Eyes Of The Insane

The Locos
Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed

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Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
Hey There Cthulhu

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