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Name Wendy Olivia Hunter Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Power Detection
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate June 12, 1981 - March 4, 2010 Age 29
Height 5'10" Build 114lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Upper East Side
Solstice Condominiums
Employment Shareholder - Hunter Communications
Self Employed - Artist
Parents Peter Hunter - Father
Patricia Hunter - Mother
Siblings Andrew Hunter
Henry Hunter
John Hunter
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Side Jobs Last Seen Smoke
Profile The youngest child of a small fortune 500 family, Wendy is a free wheeling woman that is indulged in her desire to be an artist. Registered and in support of registering, she lives her life in Manhattan instead of the Hamptons like the rest of her family believing that to be steeped in the middle of human misery and joy and the vast mixing pot of the soup of humanity that new york city has become can only prove good for her artistic needs. Her goal in life other than to support herself through her art as opposed to trust fund and stake in the family's empire is to learn and know the various kinds of evolveds that there are in the world.
Wendy Hunter
portrayed by

Krysten Ritter

So instead of just goodbye I'll say so long
And as for the light by which you see me leave it on
I'm a better man than I was before
knowing you has made me strong
and I sure am going to miss you when I'm gone
When I'm Gone
Randy Newman



Date Title Participants Summary
July 2009
3rd It's A Little Dreary Alia, Doyle and Hadley A convergence of people in central adds to a scavenger hunt of abilities, a hand slapping, a painting no one wants and a very persistent pigeon.
4th 200 Dollars For Five Minutes Cook Wendy wasn't Cook to come to the Hamptons with her. Even if it'll cost her 200 bucks for his last five minutes of shift. She also wants to know what the hell it is that he does.
8th Rapture And Registration Alia and Bella Three women converge and meet at Rapture. There's registration encouraged, a discussion about shrinks and a sighting, on paper, for a company agent, even if she's just a shrink.
11th Remember, It's Not Real Isis, Maxwell and Tamara A day on the set of Multiple Man goes rather awry when Isis inadvertently swaps with the stunt-double.
15th I Came For You Maxwell Wendy's puttering around the set, because she has nothing better to do and she's got a thing for Maxwell. Max, well Max is being Max and enjoying the company.
17th Really, Really Lucky Bella Bella has a reason for this "research project' that she's asked Wendy to participate in. Wendy is oblivious and obliges..
23rd The Manties Of The American People Kaylee and Maxwell Will be twisting when Multiple Man comes out. For now, Max, Wendy and Kaylee plus a bunch of others from the set are enjoying alcohol in the Rock Cellar till Wendy needs to bolt or else.
26th Cat Fight Adelaide, Gillian and Peyton A fun night of dancing and drinking leads to a brawl among two super-powered women while Peyton, Wendy and Adelaide try to stay out of the way.
27th Club's Closed Eliot and Peyton Peyton and Wendy coincidentally meet again when one goes to retrieve a lost ID card and the other goes to offer a check for the damages caused the night before. Eliot takes a smoke break.
29th Bad Trip in Wonderland Brian, Peyton, Teo and Thalia An evening at a night club takes a strange turn when Peyton's eyes fail her in strange ways. Thalia and Brian look on as Wendy tries to help.
30th It's Not the End of the World Peyton It just feels like it. Wendy tells Peyton she's evolved, as the woman recovers in the hospital from what she thinks is a "Bad trip." A doctor drops a dime on the socialite.
August 2009
1st Push Bao-Wei and Ling Dr. Cong and Ling venture out to find a client for their first push of 'Refrain' onto the recreational drug scene. They find Wendy.
2nd The Encyclopedia Genetica Bella Bella comes over for dinner to Wendy's and an impromptu art session. There's discussion about recreational drugs new drugs, old drugs and the encyclopedia genetica that Wendy seems to have in her possession.
3rd Just A Little Paranoid Are We? Doyle Wendy tries to perk up Doyle in the park but ends up sparking his paranoia. She makes up for it by telling him the name of a healer.
Evo Hidey Hole Peyton Peyton calls Wendy for advice, gets an earful on Wendy's conspiracy theory and the benefits of Refrain
6th As Subtle As A Brick Through A Window Aaron and Ellen Wendy manages to out two evolveds who insist they're not. Well, they insist she's wrong, anyway. She leaves Aaron with a parting gift, before making Ellen's day with a large purchase.
7th Triad Of Refrain Aaron and Peyton Peyton goes to meet Wendy at a club and who should they run into but the ever mopey Aaron Michaels. After only a brief trip inside, Wendy convinces both Peyton and Aaron to join her at her place for a good time.
10th Monster's Refrain Aaron, Cassidy, Elisabeth and Peyton Cassidy and Elisabeth get together at the Serenity Lounge to discuss what happened with Mortimer. Aaron comes to audition, Peyton to watch him. Then Wendy shows up and things get a little out of hand, particularly when Aaron chooses to forcefully return to her something which she gave him. Things go downhill from there.
11th Aaron Can't Even OD Right Aaron and Peyton Aaron's attempt at punishing himself for what he did to Wendy fails, miserably.
12th This Shit is Bananas Devi Wendy is kind enough to give Devi her first sample of Refrain for free.
13th Delivery! Agnes and Devi Wendy stops by Anarchy Customs to deliver Devi's first supply of Refrain. Agnes brings her things and begins to get acquainted with her new home.
Body Shots Bill Felix and Peyton One happy-hour in downtown New York City for Peyton and Wendy turns into a far longer evening than either anticipated.
14th A Canary Under The Bus Bill and Peyton Peyton and Wendy are firmly in the hand of Humanis First and in an attmept to downplay Wendy's ability and her own, Peyton throws her friend under the bus and Wendy just rolls herself further. By doing so though, both have extended their shelf life to the terrorist group and get more trips in coffins.
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009
December 2009
January 2010
February 2010
March 2010
1st Like Stalking Peter Peter Petrelli finally catches up with Wendy Hunter. Also, it's not really stalking if you don't stalk the same person twice!
2nd Here Comes The Sun Peyton Wendy needs out before she goes crazy and hops back on refrain, so calls Peyton up for a quick short walk for coffee.
4th Smoke Samson Surgeon General's Warning: Smoking is hazardous to your health.

Trivia, Quote's & Scavenger List

  • Had a light to medium drug habit just before the bomb. Her parents and brothers tossed her into rehab after an intervention in the hopes that it would stick and she'd get clean. Mostly it was painkiller abuse, Oxycontin was her friend as well as Percocet. It worked and though still to this day she battles with her demons so to speak, the only drug habit she has now is a half pack a day smoking one and caffeine. She's fallen down the rabbit hole again. E and soon to be Refrain so far.
  • While she comes from money, she tends to live well within her financial means and more in tune with her artistic tendencies. She does appear at social functions when beckoned to, but otherwise, sticks to those more around her day to day social strata (not the rich).
  • Is a fair to middling successful artist who's main talent lays in sculpture and three dimensional art but does on occasion paint and sketch. There is occasionally a gallery somewhere featuring her work and some installation pieces in her parents building and a few others company's around the US of A.
  • Nicknamed "goldfish" by her brothers due to her eyes.
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Wendy is skilled in French and Spanish. The first by virtue of the fact that it's the second most spoken language in the world and 'refined' as her parents put it. The second because her revolving door of nannies growing up were mostly Spanish and as such, taught her how to speak it. English of course, is a given.


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