Wilhelmina Schwartz

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Name Wilhelmina Schwartz Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Unmanifested
Gender Female Race/Eth. German
Birthdate September 16, 1993 Age 17
Height 5'5" Build Athletic
Eyes dark brown Hair brown
Residence NYC
Employment Call Centre
Parents Wilhelm Schwartz (alive)
Maria Schwartz (alive)
Siblings Elder Brother: Martin Schwartz
Marital Status Unwed Children None
First Seen Sam Eye Am Last Seen
Profile Daughter of two immigrants from East Germany, Wilhelmina has a German accent despite having lived in New York City her entire life. When the bomb happened, the building Mina was in fell on top of her. While she survived, her right foot and lower leg where lost due to the injuries.
Wilhelmina Schwartz
portrayed by

Emma Watson

"Don't pity me. … I said, don't fucking pity me."

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