Brian Winters

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Name Brian Winters Aliases Brian Fulk
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Replication
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 18, 1986 Age 23
Height 6'1" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Blond
Residence The Lighthouse
Employment The Lighthouse, Owner
Formerly The Company
Parents Alison and Jeffery Winters Siblings Gillian Childs (bio-twin)
Marital Status Involved (Veronica Sawyer) Children
First Seen The Whole Truth Last Seen
Brian Winters
portrayed by

Ryan Phillippe



The Inner Sanctum; The closest to Winters. Not to say that these know all his secrets, but they are in a place where he wishes there was no secrets. These are the ones he would do anything to protect and keep.

Veronica Sawyer


His attraction to her was immediate, at least physically, it was. Though after getting to know her a little bit, Winters realized he was being paired with a beautiful ice queen. (Something The Company seems to have plenty of.) She was fairly harsh on him in the beginning, though every now and then she would allow him to see her soft side. Living together they naturally grew closer, even though she attempted to keep him at arms length. His attraction for her steadily grew into something more than physical. After standing by her side and saving her life a few times,(as well as a drunken night or two) she finally let him in.And then Goodman ruined everything and told Brian the Company killed his parents.

Freaking out, Winters sprinted from everything Company, including Veronica. Hiding out he had plenty of time to sort through his feelings whilst watching her go about her daily activities from afar.He had nothing else to do. Eventually he came to the conclusion that he loved her, and eventually came crawling on hands and knees begging her forgiveness for his abandonment. She eventually forgave him, but informed him she would not be leaving the Company anytime soon. So they have been dating, sleeping together, and living together at some points, while both being in two polar organizations. He does love her, and all his future plans have her heavily involved. He is very happy being with her.

Gillian Winters


Her name given to her by her foster parents was Gillian Childs. He has a sneaking suspicion her original name is Stephanie Winters. But she's Gillian Winters now, or Gillian Childs, whatever she chooses. They are blood related, brother and sister by birth. Brian was informed that she was murdered at birth, though it's been proven that she is his sister in fact. Somehow she survived, and was taken in by another family, and given a different name. Finally after a lifetime of separation she stumbled on him in a dark alley while he was drunk. She knew the other him, Brian Fulk. Though he was never aware of his being adopted, or him being related to Gillian.

They were both tested on as babies, given artificial abilities. She got power augmentation while he got replication. But she also got her powers switched around and ended up with the ability to copy other abilities. Not fair. Even though they haven't known each other for too long, he knows she's important. He loves her, and she needs his protection. Even if she acts tough. She's his little sister, even though she thinks she's the older one. He has her back, and will give anything for her.

Joseph 'JoJo' Webb


A little boy who was in the care of Fulk. Apparently Joe was Fulk's main ward. The kid that followed him everywhere, did everything with him. The boy had no other family than Brian, and grew increasingly attatched to the man. When Brian was killed, Joe was the first one to notice something off with Winters.

After long talks, diagrams, and promises made, Joe started taking a liking to the new Brian. Not fully understanding the dynamic of his power, but knowing that the new Brian means well, even if he does some things that old Brian definitely would not have done. In Joe's time away from Fulk he became a bit more of a shepherd over the rest of the kids. And in this new relationship, both Joe and Brian watch over each other in their own way.

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